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Q: If it takes 8 machines to complete job in 6 days how many machines to complete in half a day?
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How long does one complete revolution of earth around the sun takes?

365 in a half days

Why does it take 14 days for a half a moon?

Because it takes the moon 29.53 days to go through the complete cycle of all of its phases, and half of that time is 14.77 days. (rounded)

What is the axis of Pluto?

it takes 6 and a half days

How many days does it take for the moon to go through a cycle of phrases?

About twenty nine and one half days. (It's phases, not phrases).

If 6 men can do a piece of work in 14 days how many men are needed to do the work in 21 days?

Using logic, if it takes 14 days for 6 men to complete the task, then it would take 3 men 28 days. Continuing it would take one man84 days (3 x 28) to complete. So, now moving backwards, it would take 2 men 42 days (half of the 84) and 4 en 21 days (half of 42)

How long does it take for one complete cycle of the moon 's phases?

It takes about 27 days for the moon to return to it's same position with respect to the Earth, however since the Earth also orbits the sun the moon has to travel around the Earth for about 29 days for it to complete one lunar month.

How long does it take to drive from Lethbridge to Swift current?

By car it takes 4 and a half hours, by walking it takes 3 days and 5 hours, and by biking, it takes 20 and a half hours.

What is the average time in days between phases of the moon?

A full cycle takes 28 plus (about a half day) days.

How many days does it takes to get to the moon from the earth?

At the speed the Apollo spacecraft traveled, it took three to three and a half days.

How many days does it takes from new moon to go to full moon?

Roughly half a month

How many days does it take Saturn to travel around the Sun?

It takes nearly 11000 Earth days or 29 and a half Earth years.

It takes 13 hours to get a credit and the class is 40 minutes how many days does it take to get a credit?

It would take 19 and a half days.