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3 x 30 = 90

Therefore, 3 inches would represent 90 miles.

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Q: If one inch on a map represents 30 miles what would 3 inches represent?
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1 inch represents 8 miles how many inches would be used to represent 12 miles?

An inch and a half.

If a map scale use 1 inch to represent 2 miles how many inches on the map represent 12 miles?

It would represent 6 inches!

If a map scale uses 1 inch to represent 2 miles how many inches on the map represent 12 miles?

The "scale" of a map is a proportionality constant between distances on the map and corresponding distances on the area the map represents. Call the unknown number of inches n. Then 1/2 = n/12, or n = 6.

If one inch represents 100 miles then how many inches would it take to show 500 miles?

five inches.

How many inches would represent 725 miles?

It is the product of: 725*1760*36 in inches

If on a map 1 half inch equals 100 miles then how much miles is 1 and one half inches?

1.5 inches would represent 300 miles

If two inches equals 9 miles what would equal one mile?

If 2 inches represented 9 miles then 2/9, which is 0.222 recurring inches would represent 1 mile.

On a blueprint in which 2 inches represent 5 feet the length of a room measures 7 1 2 inches The length of the room is?

On a scale in which 2 inches represents 5 feet, a length of 7.5 inches would represent 18.75 feet.

How much would 8 inches on a map represent an actual distance of 4 miles how much would each inch on the map represent?

One-half mile.

The scale on a map says that 0.5 inches represents 25 miles On the map the measurement between two cities is 5 inches What is the actual distance between these two cities?

One inch would equal 50 miles so 5 inches would equal 250 miles 250 Miles

One inch on a map represents 200 miles It is 12 inch from Mitwaukee Wisconsin to Chicago Illinois How far would this be?

100 miles if it is half an inch 2400 if it is 12 inches

If a map scale shows that 1 inch equals 400 miles what would two and a half inch equal?

If 400 miles is represented by 1 inch, then 2.5 inches represents 2.5 x 400 = 1000 miles.