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One third is 15 miles; two-thirds is 30 miles; three times two-thirds is 90 miles, or three and two-thirds is 3 x 3 x 15 + 30 = 165 miles.

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Q: If one third equals 15 miles what does three two thirds equal?
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What is One third plus two third?

That equals 3 thirds which is also equal to one.

One third plus what equals two thirds?

One third plus one third equals two thirds.

What is one thirds of ninty?

One third of ninety is equal to 90/3 which equals 30.

What plus what equals two-thirds?

1 third plus one third =============== There are many other fraction combinations which equal two-thirds. One, for example, is one-half plus one-sixth.

Which is bigger 5 ninths or 2 thirds?

9 ninths divided by 3 equals 3 ninths. 3 thirds divided by 3 is 1 third. 1 third equals 3 ninths. 2 thirds equals 6 ninths. 2 thirds is bigger

How can be two-third of 6 is equal to 9?

It can't, but 6 divided by two-thirds equals 9

What is the decimal for 4 thirds?

If one-third is equal to .33333... then four-thirds equals 1.3333.... It is not an exact number but can be written as 1.33 with a horizontal bar over both threes.

What is the mixed number for seven thirds?

Three thirds are equal to one whole, therefore seven thirds is equal to two and one third.

Is 1 third greater than less than or equal to 3 thirds?

one third is less then 3 thirds

Does one third and one fourth equals two thirds?


How you explain to get 8 thirds in two and two thirds?

Six times a third equals two, and you have two thirds left over.

What is x-3 and two thirds equals 2 and two thirds?

x=6 and one third.

7 and one third subtracted by 2 and two thirds equals?


Two and two thirds plus two and two thirds equal?

five and one third

What does one third of mean?

One third of something means that 'thing' is divided into three equal parts, or thirds. For example, one third of 12 is four - meaning 12 divided by three (one third) equals four.

What does two and one third plus six and one third equals?

Eight and two thirds.

What does one third plus one third equal?

two thirds. (2/3)

Two thirds divided by what equals one third?


Is four sixth equal to one third?

No, two-thirds

What does 1 minus one third equal?

Two thirds.

DOES One third plus two thirds equal one?

I believe that it does equal one!

Is 20 equals to two thirds of 60?

No. 20 equals one third of 60. Two thirds of 60 would be 40.

What is one third a cup compared to two thirds?

one third is one half of two thirds. 2/3 divided by 2 equals 1/3.

Does one third cup and one third cup equal two thirds of a cup?


One third plus one third equals?

One third plus one third equals two thirds. Similarly, one cow plus one cow equals two cows, and one book plus one book equals two books. Have you learned anything today ?