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She will fail math if she does not study hard.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-24 14:41:09
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Q: If she studies hard in math she will succeed. What is the inverse of this statement?
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Can you use succeed as past form of succeed?

i study hard,then work hard after that i got my succeed.

Can you give a sentence with the word succeed?

You have to work hard to succeed in life.

Is you can succeed if you set goals and work hard a passive voice?

The sentence "You can succeed if you set goals and work hard" does not contain any verbs in the passive voice.

How do you write the inverse function of -4?

Well, it would be hard to write an inverse function of -4, since -4 is not a function in the first place.

Why do scientist work hard with dedication?

they hve to succeed!

How do you succeed without cheating?

By working hard and studying.

How do you use the word succeed in a sentence?

work hard and you will succeed . To succeed work harder.

Why is social studies so hard?

Social studies is only hard if you think it is hard but if you actually put your heart into it it will be easier.PS: a trick you can try is act as if you were really there.

What is an Annie easley quote?

"If you work hard, you will succeed."- Annie J. Easley

Can you give a sentence that isn't using endeavor but means it?

We will try very hard to succeed at this task. (We will endeavor to succeed at this task.)

How do you use managed in a sentence?

I managed to succeed after hard work and dedication.

How will you succeed?

By working hard,for whatever your working for, and never givingg up.

How can you succeed as a professional athlete?

You have to work very hard and stay in shape

What helped Jackie Chan succeed in his life?

Hard work, and determination.

How do you succeed as a trainee?

you work really really hard and you learn about your job

Can any states succeed from the US?

they sure can! if they try real hard.

Is there possible advancment in being a pediatrician?

Yes , caue if u try hard and work hard u will succeed

Is it possible for a relationship to be both inverse and strong?

Yes. A relationship can be both inverse and strong but if it's more inverse if your boyfriend or girlfriend likes another boy or girl. It's hard to tell sometimes. If you need help contact me at

Is hard adverb verb or adjective?

I know that hard is an adjective! :D 'Hard' can be an adverb or an adjective, but not a verb. For example: 'I worked hard at my studies.' (Adverb) 'I find my studies very hard.' (Adjective)

Why is social studies hard?

Okay, 1: social studies is not hard at all if you are a good student. 2: if social studies is hard, that is because history has lasted longer than 3 thousand years in some places, so there are many places where history is long.

How hard is high school fitness pe?

Trust me its not hard. Sure the beginning will be rough but you will get used to it just try and you will succeed

How do you get 10 cgpa?

Hard studies and confidence

Anime artist starting salary?

Its low but with hard work and if you believe you will succeed

What does this quote mean It is hard to fail but it is worse never to have tried to succeed?


What is the meaning of obscure statement?

An unusual or not well known statement that is often hard to figure out.

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