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A soccer ball is hollow and filled with air, which has little density. A Bowling ball is solid material of a much greater density.

* Because bowling balls have a standard size, about 21.8 cm in diameter, bowling balls weighing less than 5.4 kg (12 lb) will float in water.

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2010-10-15 12:21:45
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Q: If soccer ball and a bowling ball are about the same size why does the bowling ball have more mass?
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Which has more mass soccer ball or bowling ball?


Is the mass of a bowling ball greater than the mass of a soccer ball?

Yes, because a bowling ball is more dense than a soccer ball. A bowling ball is solid all throughout while a soccer ball has its outer layer, but has air inside of it. Hope that this answer helps! :)

If a bowling ball and a soccer ball are rolling along the ground at the same speed the bowling ball has more of this because its mass is greater?


Who has more mass a bowling ball or a golf ball?

Bowling ball

Who has more mass in it a bowling ball or a basketball?

a bowling ball

Does rolling soccer ball needs more force to stop than a rolling bowling ball?

Any amount of force can stop either kind of ball. But a greater force is required to stop a bowling ball than to stop a soccer ball IN THE SAME TIME, because the bowling ball has more mass, and therefore more momentum and more kinetic energy.

What mass more mass a bowling ball or a tennis ball?

if you said bowling ball you r correct

Which has more mass a bowling ball or a table tennis ball?

A bowling ball

Which ball has more momentumgolf ball or tennis ball or soccer ball or bowling ball?


A golf ball and bowling ball are rolling at the same speed. Which has the greater momentum?

the bowling ball because it has more mass; momentum is mass times velocity

Which has more inertia a bowling ball or beach ball?

Most likely the bowling ball. According to the laws of physics, an object with more inertia accelerates slower but is harder to stop. The bowling ball accelerates slowly but has a high mass. The beach ball accelerates quickly but has a low mass. So the bowling ball has more inertia.

Does the mass of your bowling ball make any difference in your bowling?

yes, the heavier your bowling ball is the more pins you are likely to knock down. A greater mass gives the ball power when driving into the pins.

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