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9 and a half is the older person by six months (half in this case means half a year or six months)

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List some of the stresses and special needs of older persons?

list some of the stresses and special needs of and older person

What is a half black and half Chinese person called?

Well, half Japanese, half Chinese is Chapinese and a half Chinese half white person is a xiso hei. After doing some research it is called a Eurasians.

As I get older will my face shape change?

A child's face will grow as they age. Upon reaching adulthood, the face will stop changing. Except for some wrinkles in an older person, there won't be any other changes.

If a person sales their share of inherited property to the other person who owns the other half of land do you owe taxes?

Yes you will have to report and pay some income tax on the sale of this personal asset to the other owner of this nonbusiness land.

What is you in spanish when adressing it to an older person informal?

Formal is "usted", informal is "tú" (or "vos" in some regions). It makes no difference whether the other person is older or younger; if you decided to use the informal version, you would use "tú". However, quite often you would use the formal speech for older people instead.

What other type of factory rim can fit on a caprice?

depends on what year, 90 and older had 5x4.75 bolt pattern like older Monte carlos, 1991 and newer have 5x5 bolt pattern like half ton trucks and some vans

Why is there the chance that half of the zygotes will be female and the other half will be male?

because some genes come from the male and some genes come from the female. which would make it half and half

When is the Irish flag flown at half-mast?

If a very important person such as a president or Taoiseach, or past holders of those offices or some other well known Irish person of great significance dies, the flag is flown at half mast as a mark of respect.

Did some tigers marry with person?

Yes, my wife is a tiger, and we made half tiger, half human babyies.

How long can the hair around your anus grow?

Varies person to person, some can get to an inch, inch and a half.

What does half-life of a radioactive sample mean?

It means that after the specified time, half the atoms will have broken apart - converting into some other kind of atom.It means that after the specified time, half the atoms will have broken apart - converting into some other kind of atom.It means that after the specified time, half the atoms will have broken apart - converting into some other kind of atom.It means that after the specified time, half the atoms will have broken apart - converting into some other kind of atom.

Can a spouse be awarded half of the other spouse's inheritance?

Not that I've heard of. If the person giving the inheritance decides to give you some, and the spouse agrees, then one might have a chance of getting some money.

Why some boy like older woman?

Each person has their own reasons. It may because of perceptions that an older woman will be more mature, be more sexually experienced, be more financially self sustaining, or be more secure. Or there could be other factors at play.

Which are older the atoms in the body of an elderly person or those in the body of a baby?

The atoms in the body of an elderly person. Even though your body generates new cells when you are injured some atoms may be older but not all.

What is the average voting age?

The average voting age is 18 year of age. Some places have other rules where a person must be older than 18 years of age though.

Are the defects in behavior intensified as you grow older?

Defects in behavior are intensified as a person gets older in some people. In others, the defects lessens and is less noticeable.

What are half-siblings' children to each other?

The children of half-siblings are first cousins to each other. Some would use the term "half-first cousins."

What should you do if you have feelings for someone who is 4 years older than you?

make sure that you don't act like a little kid if you are going to date someone way older then you...then you need to step up some levels because that person will expect you to act older like that person

Will you be gay when you are older?

Its up to the person. Some people find some one of the same sex and spend the rest of their lives together because they love each other. While for others it a phase or they find some one of the opposite sex that they love

What is the age requirements to rent a car in Florida?

In the state of Florida, a person must be 21 years or older depending on the car rental company. Some companies do require a person to be 25 or older before renting a car.

Is hypermobility a lifelong condition?

For the most part it can be. Just depends on the person. Some people get it at an older age some people when they are kids.

What is the half life of a radioactive sample?

Half-life is the length of time it takes for one half of the sample to decay into some other nuclide.

What is a half life?

A half-life is the time in which half the atoms of a certain type (isotope) disintegrate, becoming some other type of atom.

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