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3 jacks and two 6s is better then 3 6s and 2 jacks :)

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Q: If someone has three jacks and two sixes does it beat someone with three sixes with two jacks in Texas hold em?
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Three sixes is eighteen which is an integer, not a fraction.

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In Texas holdem who wins 3 aces and 2 sixes or 3 queens and 2 aces?

A full house's rank is decided first by the three card set. So in your example that would be the 3 aces compared to 3 queens, thus the 3 aces 2 sixes win.If the three of a kind is the same in both hands then the rank of the remaining pair is compared.

In Texas holdem If I hold an ace and a jack and my opponent has pocket jacks and the flop comes three three three and turn is also a three giving both players four of a kind would my hand win?

JJ333 Will win because that's a full house

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Does three sixes and two fives beat three fives and two queens?

In poker, yes.

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Which wins in poker three nines and two eights or two aces and three sixes?

The three nines and two eights win, because the higher three of kind is stronger.

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I tried alot of ways, and i dont think its possible.

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i hate stat

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