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In 1999.

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Q: If someone is 18 years old in 2017 what year were they born in?
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If someone will be 22 in September 2017 what year was that person born?

Subtract 22-2017 and you get the year they were born. Easy peasy.

If someone is 18 in 2017 what year was it when they were 3 years old?

2017 - 18 = 19991999 + 3 = 2002

If someone is 42 when were they born?

2017 − 42 = 1975 was the year of birth.

If you are aged 89 what year are you born in?

someone born in 1928would have an 89th birthday in 2017

What year was i born if i am 50 years old on 19 January 2017?


What year were you born in if you are 21 in the year 2017?

1996 + 21 = 2017

If you turn 20 in 2017 what year where you born?

Subtract 20-2017. Easy you should be able to figure that out at 20 years old.

What year was twenty years before 2017?

1997 was 20 years before 2017.

What year do you have to be born to 13?

To reach your 13th birthday in 2017 - you would have had to be born in 2004.

How old would you be if you where born in 1953?

Where you were born is irrelevant. In 2017 (now) you would be 64 years old if you have had your birthday this year, otherwise you are 63.

Someone was born in 1999how old is that person?

They would celebrate their eighteenth birthday this year (2017).

How old is someone born Oct 1996?

They would celebrate their 21st birthday this year (2017)

If it was 20 years ago what year would it be?

This year is 2017, so 2017-20 = 1997

What year will it be in five years?


as if the year 2020 what year was it 3 years ago?

From 2020, it was 2017 3 years ago.

What year will it be in 25 years?

25 years from now (2017), it will be the year 2042.

What year makes you 21 years old?

People turning 21 in 2017 were born in 1996

Why isn't 2017 a leap year?

2017 is an odd number. Odd-numbered years are never leap years.

If someone is 93 years old what year were they born?

if i was 93 years old when was i born?

What was the year 117 years ago?

As of the year 2017, it was 1900 117 years ago.

How old am I if I was born in 1976?

People born in 1976 turn 41 in 2017.2017 - 1976 = 41

What year would someone be born if they were 14 years old?

2012 - 14 = 1998 Answer. That someone who is 14 years old this year was born in 1998.

What year were you born if you are 30 this year?

As of 2017, you were either born in 1986 or 1987

If I was 13 what year was I born in?

If you celebrated your 13th birthday this year (2017) - you were born in 2004 !

What year should someone be born in to be 20 years old?

In order to be 20 years old in 2012, someone must of been born in the year 1992.