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They where born in 1983. Hope this helps(:

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Q: If someone is 27 in 2010 what year were they born?
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If someone is 27 in 2010 what year were they born in?

Hmmm, you have not put a date down so if you are currently 27 and have not had a birthday in the last 7 days of this year - 2010, I would say you were born in the year 1982. If your birthday fell between January 1 and 7, 2010, then you would have been born in 1983.

What age is someone who was born in the year 1983?

On their birthday in 2010 they will be 27.

What year would you be born in if you are 27?

The current year is 2010 you are 27 2010- 27 = 1983

If you are 27 what year was you born?

2010 - 27 = 1983

What year was someone born if they are 27 year old in 2013?


How old would you be if you were born on 1983?

Someone born in 1983 would be 27 years old in 2010.

How old is someone if they are born in August 27 1995?

as of August 2010, that person is 15

What year was someone born if they turn 51 on 27 December 2011?

They would be born in 1960.

What year would you graduate high school if you were born in 1983?

2000 or 2001 depending on birthdate.

If you where born on November 12 1983 how old would you be?

You will be 27 today in the year of 2010

If you were born in 1995 how old would I be?

As of 2010 you will be 15 by the end of the year.

If you were born February 27 2010 when will you be one month old?

March 27, 2010

How old someone who was born in 1983 an is 2011?

Age Now = Year Now - Year of Birth (if the person has had their birthday this year, and one less if they have not). So 27 or 28

How old is someone born 1983?

In 2009, he/she would be 26 yrs old. In 2010, he/she would be 27 yrs old.

What year would you have to be born in to be 27 years old?

If the year is 2009 and you're 27 yrs old then the year you were born is 1982.

What year is a 27 year old born in?

Nobody is ever 27 years old until 27 years afterthe year he's born in.

If your 27 what year would you be born?

If you turn 27 in 2013, you were born in 1986. If you turn 27 in 2014, then you were born in 1987.

How many there are to amend constitution?

Answer(for the US Constitution) 27 (as of year 2010)

When was Employees of the Year created?

Employees of the Year was created on 2010-07-27.

Is there going to be another economic stimulus check for the holidays?

No stimulus payment is scheduled before the end of the year 2010 at this time July 27 2010.

What year was Brenda Song Born in?

She was born in the year of 1988 since she was born March 27, 1988.

If born on February 27 1920 how many days old are you?

February 27 1920 to February 27 2010 is 32,873 days.

What year are you if your 27 in the year is 2012?

If the year is 2012 and you're 27 right now, that means you were born in 1985.

If you were born on october 1983 how old would you be i 2010?


What year were you born in if you are 27?