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three times.

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Q: If something is 75 percent more likely to happen how many more times is it likely to happen?
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How do you find what percent 30 is of something?

30 = X times something X = 30 divided by something percent X = X times 100 percent X = 30 times 100 divided by something For example if something is 300 then 30 x 100/300 = 10 30 is 10 percent of 300

What is ten percent of one hundred and fifty thousound?

10% of something is 10/100 of something is 10/100 times something is 0.10 times something.

Is saying times the same as saying percent?

No. In math, when you say times (e.g. six times seven) you are multiplying the two. A percent is a fraction out of one hundred. Seven percent of something means seven hundredths.

What are the purpose of modelling in actuarial science?

The purpose of modeling is an attempt to predict future activity from past experience. If something happens so many times, it is likely to happen again.

What are the odds if 5 times more likely?

If 'A' is five times more likely than 'B', then the odds of 'A' are 5 to 1, and its probability is [ 83 and 1/3 ] percent.

How do you find a percent of something?

Youtake the percent and divide by 100 then multiply by the something Example: 1% of 25 = 1/100 times 25 = 0.25 10% of 100 = 10/100 times 100 = 10

How do you find out 35 percent of something?

divide it by 100 and then times that number by 35

Are 50 percent odds really 50 percent?

Yes. They are exactly 50 percent. This doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen exactly half the time, only that if you ran the odds an infinite number of times it would be expected to happen 50 percent of the time.

How do you do 50 percent times 130?

If you times something by 0.5, you have to half the number. So 130/0.5 = 65

What is the probability if something comes out 70 percent?

The probability is that it comes out 7 times out of 10 tries, or 70% of the times.

What is two percent of one million?

You can consider percent as a fraction with a denominator of 100. 2% (2 percent) of something is the same as 2/100 of something, which is the same - in this case - as 2/100 TIMES one million. --- 20k

Can implantation happen after your period?

Yes, implantation can potentially happen at any time, just some times are much more likely.

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