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The number is 7.

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Q: If sum of a number and its square is 56 Find the number?
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The sum of a number and its square is 56?

The answer is 7. Seven squared is forty nine. 49 plus 7 equals 56.

If a number is added to its square the result is 56 Find the number?


Is 56 composite or square number?

56 is composite number.

A number added to its square is 56 Find the number?

7 Or -8

Find a positive number that equals 56 when added to its square?

X^2 + x = 56 ie x(x +1) = 56 so x is 7

2 The sum of two numbers is 56 The larger exceeds twice the smaller by 2. find the number?

18 and 38

2 The sum of two numbers is 56 The larger exceeds twice the smaller by 2 find the number?

18 and 38

What is the square of 56?

That means to multiply the number by itself, that is, 56 x 56.

One number is four less than five times another number if the sum of the two numbers is 68 find the two numbers?

12 and 56

A number added to its square is 56?

72 + 7 = 56

What element has a mass number of 138 and atomic number of 56?

Barium. It has 56 protons, and sometimes the sum of its protons and neutrons is 138.

A number exceeds its square root by 56.what is number?

"7"is the number because its square root is "49" 49+7=56

Eight times the sum of 5 and a number is less than 56?

Read the question. Then read it again. 8 times the sum. 8 times the sum of what? The sum of 5 and a number. What do you need to find out? What is the number? Write a number sentence. Call the number you need to find 'x' Since you need to find the sum first, put it in parentheses. (5+x) But you're going to multiply the sum by 8. 8*(5+x) What is 8*(5+x) Less than 56. 8*(5+x)<56 Guess and go. x=3 8*(5+3)=8*8=64>56. Too big. Try 2. 8*(5+2)=8*7=56=56. But we want less than 56. Too big. try 1. 8*(5+1)=8*6=48<56. Yes! The answer is 1! Of course, this assumes that the answer is an integer. If not, then x=1.9999999 gives us 8*(5+1.9999999)=8*6.9999999~55.9999992<56. In fact, you could keep on adding 9's to the decimal part and always get an answer just a little bit less than 56. Don't always assume anything. This question is poorly written and I would give the writer an 'F' for not being more clear. Should the answer be an integer, or is there no answer since we can always add more 9's to the decimal expansion?

Is 56 a squared number?

yes, but not of a whole number the square root of 56 is 7.4833147735478827711674974646331

How do you apply Pierre de Fermat's theory that any number can be written as the sum of four square numbers to the number 56?

56 = 0 + 4 + 16 + 36 = 02 + 22 + 42 + 62 Incidentally, I did this using a brute force Python code.

A number is between 50 and 60 It is an even number the sum of its digits equal 11 what number is it?


What is a 2 digit number the sum of your digits is 11 the number is divisible by both 4 and 7 the number is?


What is the sum of three consecutive number 168?

The numbers are 55, 56 and 57 OR 54, 56 and 58

What two number have a sum of 18 and a product of 56?

The numbers are 4 and 14

What number when added to 56will give the sum of 82?

56+26 = 82

What is Four times the sum of 6 and some number is 56.?

4(x + 6) = 56 x = 8

What is the sum of 8 and 7 doubled?

its 30 because you add 8 and 7 then add it by itself or multiply it by 2**.**

What number is equivalent to 56?

square root of 3136, square root 3146 56x56

What is the atomic number and mass number of an atom that has 56 electrons and 82 neutrons?

The atomic number is the number of protons in an atom, which is the same as the number of electrons in a neutral atom. So the atomic number of this atom is 56. The mass number of an isotope is the sum of the atom's protons and neutrons, which for this atom is 56 + 82 = 138.

Why is 56 not a square number?

Because its square root is not a whole number. The nearest ones are 7² = 49 and 8² = 64.