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A "rectangle" does not have a volume., it has area. Your use fo the word rectangle limits the real shape to two things.

If the volume is 3,740 cubic feet....

# A regular cuboid with rectangular sides with a base of 440 square feet would be 3,740 / 440 = 8.5 feet high. # A regular pyramid with a base of 440 square feet would be 3 x (3,740 / 440) = 25.5 feet high.

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Q: If the base of a rectangle is 440 square feet and the volume is 3740 cubic feet what is the height?
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What is the formula of finding the volume of rectangle in cubic inches?

volume (length)(breadth)(height)

What does lenght times width times height equal?

It equals volume that is calculated in cubic units.

What is the volume of a rectangle in cubic centimeters?

Volume in cc = Length in cm * width in cm * height in cm.

Volume of square pyramid height 7 base 5?

The volume of a square pyramid with height 7 and base 5 is 58.33 cubic units.

How do you find volume of rectangle box?

It is: width times length times height measured in cubic units

What is the volume in cubic feet of the square pyramid that is 12 height and 7base or width?

192 cubic feet

What is the volume of a rectangle with the length of 12.5 width of 10 and height of 8?

The shape in question is not a rectangle but a rectangular prism. Its volume is 12.5*10*8 = 1,000 cubic units.

How many cubic feet in 440 square feet?

As an area of square feet has no height, it has no volume which is measured in cubic feet. Thus there are 0 cubic feet in 440 square feet.

How do you find the volume of a square based pryimad?

Volume in cubic units = 1/3*base area*height

Why is the volume of a rectangle measured in cubic units?

A rectangle is a shape on a flat surface. It has two dimensions,and its volume is zero.BTW -- Any unit of volume is a 'cubic unit'.

Which is the volume of a square pyramid with height 15 m and slant height 17 m?

Volume of the pyramid: 1/3*base area*height in cubic m

What is the formula for converting square yards to cubic yards?

multiply the number of square yards - which is an area - by the average height in yards to get the volume in cubic yards

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