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82,541,834,452,285,027,502,754,092,875,483,927,492,361,8933,759,236,592,654,926,492,675,927,592,750,376,094,375yd high

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Properties that describe the appearance of matter are known as what properties

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Q: If the base of an isosceles trapezoid are 9 and 24 and each side has a lenght of 8what is the height of the trapezoid?
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The product of two numbers is 48The difference between the number is 8What are the numbers?

4 and 12

If a cicle has the diameter of 8what is the cicumference?

Circumference of a circle is given by 2πr. So, circumference = 2 x 3.14 x 4 =25.12

What is x squared 2x -8?


8What was Robert pettinsons first film role?

Robert Pattinson played Older Rawdy Crawley in Vanity Fair in 2004, but his scenes were edited and only appear on the DVD. He also appeared in the made-for-tv film Ring of Nibelungs in 2004.

A perfect competition firm sells 15 units of output at the going market price of 10suppose it average fixed cost is 15 and its average variable cost is 8what is its contribution of fixed cost?

Selling price = 10 Variable cost = 8 Contribution = 2 per unit

What is the answer to the question the sum of two numbers is 48 and the difference between them is 8what are the two numbers?

1. x + y = 482. x - y = 8Adding 1 & 2. gives3. 2x = 56x = 28substituting x = 28 into 1. gives28 + y =48y = 48 - 28y = 20Thus the two numbers are 20 & 28.

Our daughter is 8what level should she be on?

Age has absolutely nothing to do with what level you daughter should be on. She should be the level that her skills allow her to be. I am a former coach and I once had a three year old doing standing back hand springs on a wedge mat by herself, but I have also had 12 year olds that could barely do a cartwheel. Age really doesn't matter. Just make sure that SHE is the one wanting to do gymnastics and you are not forcing her to. I have seen this in a lot of kids. As a result, they quit trying, they don't care and they eventually quit and are happy because their parents put too much pressure on them. If you daughter is going to be the next Olympian you will know, if she isn't it is no big deal. Let her do gymnastics for fun and be the best gymnast she can be!

What movies has Logan Lerman starred in?

Hoot, 3:10 to Yuma, The Butterfly Effect, Meet Bill, My One and Only, The Lightning Thief, GamerhootGamer (2009) .... SimonMy One and Only (2009) .... George DevereauxBill (2007) .... The Kid ... aka Meet Bill (USA: new title)3:10 to Yuma (2007) .... William EvansThe Number 23 (2007) .... Robin SparrowHoot (2006) .... Roy Eberhardt"Jack & Bobby" .... Bobby McCallister (22 episodes, 2004-2005) - Legacy (2005) TV episode .... Bobby McCallister- Stand by Me (2005) TV episode .... Bobby McCallister- Under the Influence (2005) TV episode .... Bobby McCallister- A Child of God (2005) TV episode .... Bobby McCallister- Friends with Benefits (2005) TV episode .... Bobby McCallister(17 more)The Butterfly Effect (2004) .... Evan at 7"10-8: Officers on Duty" .... Bobby Justo (1 episode, 2003) ... aka "10-8" (USA: short title)... aka "10-8: Police Patrol" (UK: promotional title)- Badlands (2003) TV episode .... Bobby JustoA Painted House (2003) (TV) .... Luke Chandler ... aka John Grisham's A Painted House (USA: complete title)The Flannerys (2003) (TV)Riding in Cars with Boys (2001) .... Jason - Age 8What Women Want (2000) .... Young Nick MarshallThe Patriot (2000) .... William Martin ... aka Der Patriot (Germany)Hoot:)~

What are the answer to Howrse world tours?

AustralliaQuestion 1In New Zealand, what name has been given to horses that returned to the wild ?+ Kaimanawa- Mogonda- PogonaQuestion 2In Australia how would we call a young man working on horseback herding cattle ?- Jillaroo+ Jackaroo- KangarooQuestion 3How do we call the knee pads located at the level of the thigh on an Australian saddle ?+ Poleys- Molleys- ThudsQuestion 4What famous Australian racehorse was nicknamed 'Wonder Horse', 'Red Terror', 'Bobby' and 'Big Red' ?+ Phar Lap- Man o' War- SecretariatQuestion 5What do Australia and Antarctica have in common when it concerns prehistorical horses ?+ No prehistoric breeds in these 2 regions- Two species of wild donkeys- Fossils of "equus caballus" here found thereQuestion 6Where did the 2 Stallions and the 4 Mares that where the first to step on Australian ground come from ?+ Cape of Good Hope- Cap Horn- CopacabanaAsiaQuestion 7What is the real name of this rare Chinese pony that has the nickname of " pony from under the fruit tree"?+ Guoxia- Xilingol- YanqiQuestion 8What horseman tribe produces a drink based on fermented mare's milk called Kumis ?+ Kirgiz- Mauchos- GenghisQuestion 9What does the word Kahlkha mean in Mongolian ?+ The saddle- The foal- The bridleQuestion 10Of which god is Hayagriva the horse headed avatar a representation?+ Vishnu- Surya- KansalyaQuestion 11To what is due the metallic sheen in the coat of the Akhal-Teke ?+ The hair structure- A specific type of food- The Hair is shavedQuestion 12When is the next year of the horse according to Chinese astrology ?- 2015+ 2014- 2013AFRICAQuestion 13From what country does the horse breed called Vlaamperd come from ?HollandSurinamSouth Africa

How do you make a steam and leaf?

In BiologyA plant has body parts which include a Root,Stem,Leaf.In MathA stem and leaf plot:What is A Stem and Leaf Plot Diagram?Data can be shown in a variety of ways including graphs, charts and tables. A Stem and Leaf Plot is a type of graph that is similar to a histogram but shows more information. The Stem-and-Leaf Plot summarizes the shape of a set of data (the distribution) and provides extra detail regarding individual values. The data is arranged by place value. The digits in the largest place is referred to as the stem and the digits in the smallest place are referred to as the leaf (leaves). The leaves are always displayed to the left of the stem. Stem and Leaf Plots are great organizers for large amounts of information.What Are They Used For?They are usually used when there are large amounts of numbers to analyze. Series of scores on sports teams, series of temperatures or rainfall over a period of time, series of classroom test scores are examples of when Stem and Leaf Plots could be used.What Does a Stem and Leaf Look Like?Example:Test Scores Out Of 100StemLeaf92 2 6 883 572 4 6 8 8 961 4 4 7 850 0 2 8 8What does this Stem and Leaf Plot Show?The Stem shows the 'tens' and the leaf. At a glance, one can see that 4 students got a mark in the 90's on their test out of 100. Two students received the same mark of 92. No marks were received below 50. No mark of 100 was received. When you count the total amount of leaves, you know how many students took the test. The information is nicely organized when a Stem and Leaf Plot is used. Stem and Leaf Plots provide an 'at a glance' tool for specific information in large sets of data, otherwise one would have a long list of marks to sift through and analyze.More Than One Set of Data?To compare two sets of data, you can use a 'back to back' Stem and Leaf Plot. For instance, if you wanted to compare the scores of two sports teams, you would use the following Stem and Leaf Plot:ScoresLeafStemLeafTigersSharks0 3 7 932 22 843 5 51 3 9 754 6 8 8 9What does this Stem and Leaf Plot Show?The tens column is now in the middle and the ones column is to the right and left of the stem column. You can see that the sharks had more games with a higher score than the Tigers. The Sharks only had 2 games with a score in of 32. The Tigers had 4 games, a 30, a 33, a 37 and a 39. You can also see that the Sharks had the highest score of all - a 59, compared to the Tigers with a 57.Stem and Leaf Plots enable you to find medians, determine totals, and determine the modes.Try your own Stem and Leaf Plot with the following temperatures for June. Determine the median for the temperatures.77 80 82 68 65 59 6157 50 62 61 70 69 6467 70 62 65 65 73 7687 80 82 83 79 79 7180 77Solution:TemperaturesTensOnes50 7 961 1 2 2 4 5 5 5 7 8 970 0 1 3 6 7 7 9 980 0 0 2 2 3 7Begin with the lowest temperature.The lowest temperature of the month was 50. Enter the 5 in the tens colum and a 0 in the ones. What's the next lowest temperature? It's 57, enter a 7 in the ones, next is 59, enter a 9 in the ones.Now, find all of the temperatures that were in the 60's, 70's and 80's.Enter the rest of the temperatures sequentially until your Stem and Leaf Plot contains all of the data. It should look like the one of the left.

Rules and regulations of the NFL?

American Football Rules American football, not to confuse with soccer, is a very complete sport. Every aspect of sport is present: Stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, quickness, strategy, etc. These qualities are essential to be successful in football. = The Field = The dimensions are 100 yards long and 55 yards wide (a yard is approximately a meter: 1 yard = 3600/3937 meter or 1 yard = 0.914 401 8288 the dimensions are 100 yards long and 55 yards wide (a yard is approximately a meter: 1 yard = 3600/3937 meter or 1 yard = 0.914 401 8288 meter). The End Zones and goal posts are used to score points. There are lines across the field numbered from 50 to 10 from mid field. The lines are only used to determine the distance to the end zone. = The ball = This sport is called football because the ball measures exactly one foot in length (about 30 cm.) = General Rules: = The winner of a game is the team that scores the most points by the end of the game. The duration of the game is 60 minutes divided in 4 quarters. Usually a game lasts about 2 hours and a half because the time is stopped often. There are many ways to score: * Touchdown or TD (6 points) - Place a player of our team in the opponent's End Zone. * Field Goal (3 points) - Kick the ball through the opponent's goal posts. * Safety (2 points) - Tackle an opponent in his own End Zone. * Point after Touchdown or PAT (1 or 2 points). It is possible to add points to the board after a touchdown. To score again a touchdown adds 2 points or to kick the ball through the goal posts adds one point. Usually teams opt for the 1 point as it is probable to succeed than the 2 points transformation. (The 2 points is usually attempted when the team really needs the points) How to score? There are many options to move forward. It can be done by air or on the ground. * On the ground: A player runs with the ball as far as he can until he is tackled down. The rugby is similar but there is a subtle difference: the teammates can help the runner to progress forward but blocking the opponents. This small difference brings so much strategy excitement. * By air: A player, with the ball, stays back while his teammates get open to receive the pass. (the most spectacular actions are the long passes) A football team is composed of 3 squads: the offense, defence and special team. It is very rare that a player takes part in both offense and defence. * The offense has the possession of the ball and tries to score * The defence has the task to defend against the aggressors. * Special team enters for special plays. We will talk about them next. The receiving team gets ready to receive the ball; the other team kicks the ball far into the opponent's territory. A player of the receiving team catches the ball and starts to run towards the opponent's end zone with the help of his teammates. Meanwhile, the team that kicked tries to tackle the ball carrier before he gains too much distance. The play is stopped when the ball carrier has at least a knee down. The special teams take care of this phase of game. (The most impressive collisions occur at that time). Both special teams exit the field. The receiving team is replaced by the offence (they have the ball now) and the kicking team by the defence (they protect). The blue offense on the right and the white defence on the left.The squads are formed by very specialized players. Every play starts with a similar to the picture above. The offense has always the possession of the ball. Every play starts the same way. A player of the offense (centre) hands the ball between the legs to the Quarterback (captain of the offense). At that time the players are let loose and the action begins. = The Offense = * The quarterback (QB) has the option to hand the ball to the running back (RB) or to pass to a wide receiver (WR). * The men on the line (OL) have the responsibility to protect the quarterback or to help the running back to run through the defence. Every action phase, is thought before hand and every player knows where to go and what to do for the next 10 seconds of action. = The Defence = * The Defensive Backs (DB) does protect the field against long passes. They are the last barriers. They must be very quick to keep up with receivers and strong to tackle them. * The Linebackers (LB) stop the running backs (RB) and defend against short passes. * The Defensive lines (DL) battle in the trenches versus the offensive line. = The Special Team = * The Place kicker (PK) (not shown on the above picture) tries to place the ball between the goal post by kicking it. * The Punter (P) (not on the picture either) kicks the ball as far as he can. = Football is extremely strategic sport = Football is a physical and rough sport. It is true that the players are impressive with their helmet and equipment. They look like gladiators. However American football is not only a gladiator sport. It is governed by strict rules. Seven referees are present on the field to make sure that the rules are followed. The main interest of this sport lies on a few basic rules that I will try to explain. Now take a 30-sec. break, you will need it… In order to score a touchdown (TD), it is necessary to advance 10 yards (~10 meters). To gain 10 yards at once is very rare, so the gain of ground is done step by step. A team has 4 tries (downs) to cover 10 yards. If the team gains at least 10 yards in less than 4 downs then it can continue on its advance. On the other hand if it fails to gain 10 yards in 4 downs then the team must surrender the possession of the ball. If the team is in its field there is an option to prevent the other team to get the ball close to the end zone: On the last down a team can punt the ball as far as it can. The team loses the ball but at least the opponent will not have the too close to the end zone. Example: * 1st down and 10 (First try and 10 to go)2 yards gain in the play * Second down and 8 (=10-2 yards).5 yards gain in the play * Third down and 3 (=8-5 yards).4 yards loss * Forth down and 7 (=3+4 yards).5 yards gain.The team needed 7 yards but got only 5 so the team loses the possession of the ball and become the defence Another example: * 1st and 105 yards gain * 2nd and 57 yards gain (Excellent!!! the team got the ten yards needed so it can continue with a fresh 1st and 10) * 1st and 1030 yards gain (Once again!!! "First down!!") * 1st and 103 yards loss * 2nd and 13no gain * 3rd and 135 yard gain * 4th and 8what do we do now?3 choices:# If there are too many yards to gain for the 1st down then usually a team would choose to use the last down to punt (loose ball possession but get out of this unpleasant situation). It is not a great idea to loose the ball close to its end-zone # If the distance seems to be reachable then it tries to get it and gain another first down. # If the distance is too large but is close to the opponent's end zone, it can try a filed goal. Kick the ball between the goal posts.* 8 yards is a relatively large distance so the good choice is to punt.

What are the answers to daily trivia on Pawn Stars the game?

What's the oldest item in the shop? Greek Didrachm CoinWhat's the strangest reason for a pawn that the Pawn Stars have ever heard? Money For Plastic SurgeryAt what age was the old man promised to retire? NeverWhich type of item is most commonly pawned in the pawn shop? JewelryWhich is currently selling for the most at the pawn shop? 15th century samurai swordWhich restoration project took the longest to complete? 1962 Lincoln ContinentalWhat is the most expensive painting in the shop? Denny Dent's Jim MorrisonThe first slot machine was invented in what year? 1895The dollar became the official currency of the United States in what year? 1785What year did the Pawn Shop open? 1988What item stayed in the shop the longest before being sold? 1880 Nodder DollWhich of these items haven't been in the shop? Silverware Owned by Thomas JeffersonWhich historical figure is on Rick's 1868 fifty-dollar confederate bill? George WashingtonSalvador Dali once gave a lecture while doing what? Wearing a diving suitWhat city is Pawn Stars based in? Las Vegas, NVHow old was the old man when he got his nickname? 38What is the most value item at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop? 2001 Super Bowl RingHow big is the shop's showroom? 15,000 ftWhich Pawn Shop item was the most profitable? Antique Rolex WatchHow many times has the shop expanded since opening? 10Who makes the most purchases at the Pawn Shop? CoreyWhat is the most valuable Super Bowl ring in the shop? 2001 New England PatriotsWhat is the Old Man's real name? Richard Benjamin HarrisonWhat percentage of customers fails to retrieve their pawned items by deadline? 20%The Pawn Shop has had memorabilia from which of the following US presidents? President Benjamin HarrisonHow many employees did the Shop have when it opened? FourWhich of the following items at the Pawn Shop is worth the most? Denny Dent Painting of Jim MorrisonHow many items does the Shop take in on pawn in an average week? More than 1,000How old was Corey when he started working at the shop? 8What is the least expensive item ever pawned at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop? 500-milligram Gold CharmWhat is the most valuable gun at the Pawn Shop? 1895 Winchester Model 94 RifleWhat is Chumlee's first name? AustinWhat was the most valuable item that Corey had previously purchased, prior to 1984 Cris Craft boat? 2001 Custom S&S ChopperOriginally priced at 1 cent, "Action Comics" issue one was the first appearance of who? SupermanIn 1953 the Boston Red Sox scored a record 17 runs in one inning against what rival team? The Detroit TigersHow many fake items were brought through the shop? Over 10,000How did Chumlee get his nickname? Tennessee Tuxedo Character ChumleeWhat's the average loan given for a pawned item? $75Though popularly associated with the Vikings, the battle axe first appeared where? Ancient EgyptHow long did the Old Man serve in the Navy? 20 Years.What product, introduced in 1920, used the slogan "To Save Time is to Lengthen Life"? TypewriterRick dropped out of high school to pursue his business of selling what? Fake Gucci BagsThe Winchester repeating rifle became known as what? The Gun that Won the West.What was the shop's most prized piece of Political memorabilia? Letter signed by Benjamin Harrision.How long have Chumlee and Corey been friends? 15 yearsWhat is the most valuable Old West item in the Pawn Stars shop? 1875 Remington RevolverHow many pawn shops currently operate in the US? More than 12,000.What percentage of items pawned in the U.S. today are later reclaimed? 70%On which item did Rick lose the most money? Stolen EarringsWhich famous Revolutionary War figure less famously worked as a dentist? Paul RevereThe first state-sponsored lottery in the US was held in which state? MassachusettsHow many transactions has the Pawn Shop made since it opened? Over 1,000,000Who was the first athlete to appear on a Wheaties box? Lou GehrigWhat was the name of the first animal in space, launched by the USSR in 1957? LaikaWhen Pawn Stars began, how long had the shop been open? 21 yearsThe Supreme Instrument in Jaipur India is the world's largest what? SundialThe "Sopreme Instrument" in Jaipur India is the world's largest what? SundialHow many fake items/replicas has the shop seen since it opened? Over 10,000Which of Rick's Gold Records is the most valuable? Frank Sinatra's "Come Dance With Me"What is the most expensive item ever sold at the Pawn Shop? Four 1-kilo gold barsWhich of these George Washington items is the most valuable? Signed lottery ticketJoust is the official sport of which US state? MarylandThe Knights of the Round Table were first mentioned when? 1155 A.D.How tall is Antwaun, the shop's security guard? 6'5"Which item did Rick purchase, then keep for himself? 2005 Harley Road KingWhen Pawn Stars began, how long had the Shop been in business? 21 yearsWhat's the most important thing Rick considers before making an offer on an item? How easy it will be to sellHow old was Chumlee when he started working at the Pawn Shop? 21What's the most valuable old coin in the shop? 1859 $3 Gold PieceIf Corey didn't work at the Pawn Shop, what would be his ideal job? LawyerWhat is the most prized piece of sports memorabilia? 1933 Baseball Signed by Babe Ruth and Lou GehrigWhich of these is not an item currently on sale in the Shop? Olympic Bronze Medals Won by Joe GreenWhat was the shop's favorite autographed Hollywood picture? Mary PickfordWhich of these guns at the Shop is the oldest? BlunderbussWho gets to the shop first in the morning? Old ManOn average, how many items does Rick buy per week? 50The New York Yankees paid Joe DiMaggio how much for the 1951 season? $100,000What is the most valuable guitar in the shop? 1928 Martin Four-String GuitarBy the end of WWII, how much money had been made in war bonds? $185 BillionWhat percentage of customers can't reach an agreed price with the Pawn Stars? 75%.Which piece of clothing in the store is most valuable? Pre-WWI West Woint Cadet JacketWhat item does the Old Man say is the most memorable piece he's ever purchased? 16th-Century Silver Bowl From PeruWhat is Rick's middle name? KevinWhat is the most valuable car ever purchased by the Pawn Shop? 1965 Shelby CobraWhat is the strangest item someone has tried to pawn in the Pawn Shop? 18-Karat Gold GarterWhat is the oldest gun Rick has sold? BlunderbussThe Blunderbuss gets its name from the Dutch "Donderbus", which means what? Thunder GunRick regretted buying which one of these items? 200,000 Watch Crystals for $5000All the numbers on a standerd Roulette wheel add up to what number? 666Whose face appeared on the first $20 bill? Grover ClevelandWhich military item is selling for the most at the Pawn Shop? General Griswold's 1909 West Point Cadet JacketWhat is the most Rick has ever spent on a single piece of gold? $138,000What is Chumlee's least favorite job at the shop? Cleaning ToiletsWhat was the first man-made object to break the sound barrier? A WhipHow many visitors does the Pawn Shop get on an average day? Over 400When was the last time the Old Man took a sick day? 1994In 1923 the Ottoman Empire reorganized as what country? TurkeyWhich of these autographed items at the Shop is selling for the most? Charles Manson PostcardWhat's the fastest vehicle in the Shop? 2005 Suzuki HayabusaIn the Ms. Pac-Man game, Ms. Pac-Man is pursued by four ghosts named Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and what? SueWhich type of item is Rick most likely to buy? GoldWhat is the Old Man's favorite story about how an item was found? Fell through the floor into a secret roomHow many transactions have occurred at the Pawn Shop since last year? 100,000On average, how many items are in the shop's inventory? 12,000How many teeth can a shark expect to lose over its lifetime? Up To 35,000Whips are often made from whick kind of leather? KangarooAbraham Lincoln had what in his pocket when he was assassinated? A Confederate $5 BillHow many times has Chumlee been promoted? NeverWhat Is The Pawn Shop's Motto? Make Rick MoneyWho attempted to sell West Point to the British during the Revolutionary War? Benedict ArnoldThe Hawaiian word Ukelele roughly translates to what? Jumping FleaThe Hawaiian word "Ukelele" roughly translates to what? Jumping FleaWho invented the phonograph in 1877? Thomas EdisonSalvador Dali had a pathological fear of what? Grasshoppers

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