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The dividend is 18 because 18/6 = 3

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Q: If the divisor is six and the qoutient is three then what is the dividend?
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When multiplying explain why you can multiply the divisor and the dividend by multiples of 10 and still get the same answers?

any number with divisor and dividend with same number is always equal to one, so any number multiplied by one is the same is the original number. example 6 times one is six.

Is 624 a divisor of 6?

No, but six is a divisor of 624.

Is 6 a divisor 18?

Yes, six is a divisor of 18.

Is six a divisor?

It can be.

Is 6 a divisor of 8?

No. A divisor is the same as a factor and six is not a factor of eight.

Is 18 a divisor of six?


Why or why not is 6 a divisor of 18?

Six is a divisor of 18 because it divides evenly into 18. Another name for divisor is 'factor'.

8 divided by 48 equal six which is the divisor?


What is remainder six as a fraction in division?

The answer depends on what the divisor is.

Why cant six be the remainder of six?

If you divide correctly, the remainder will always be less than the divisor.

What is the greatest common divisor of sixty six and ninety six?

96/6=16 66/6=11 16 and 11 have no common divisors so 6 is the greatest commond divisor of 66 and 96.

Why is two hundred ninety six divided by six equal forty eight reminder eight incorrect?

Because the remainder from a division must be smaller than the divisor. The remainder, 8, is not smaller than the divisor, 6.

Mathematical pyramid dividend of 164 can someone should me an example?

The Mathematical pyramid dividend of 164 is 25 which goes into 164 six (6) times.

Is three and six ninths equal to three and two thirds?

Yes - the numerator and denominator of the proper fraction 6/9 share the common divisor of 3, therefore, you can divide the numerator and denominator by 3 to make 2/3. Therefore, 3 6/9 or three and six ninths can be more conveniently written as 3 2/3 or three and two thirds.

What is the six letter word for the bottom number in division?

Divisor or denominator

What are the divisor's of thiryty six that are also prime numbers?

They are: 2 and 3.

What is the greatest common divisor of 4 six and fifteen 15?

The Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) for 4 6 15 is 1.

What does divisor mean in math?

it means division EX:40 divided by 6 the divisor is 6 because its like forty groups of six yes it is

How do you write 6.3 in word form?

six and three tenths, or six point three

What is the divisor of 275?

275 has six divisors: 1, 5, 11, 25, 55, 275.

Divisor of 28?

28 has six divisors: 1, 2, 4, 7, 14, 28.

What is the difference between positive three and positive six?

First of all six is greater than three. Six is three more than three and three is three less than six. Six is positive and three is negative. Three is prime (i think) and six isn't.

Is six a divisor of 18?

Yes. Though, technically, any non-zero number can be a divisor of 18. For example, 18/5 = 3.6 6 is a FACTOR of 18.

What is the divisor of 44?

44 has six divisors (factors): 1, 2, 4, 11, 22, 44.

What is the greatest common divisor of 30 and 6?

Six (30/6=5, 6/6=1)