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Q: If the number in the numerator of a unit rate is 1 what does this indicate about the equivalent unit rates?
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How do you convert fractions to unit rates please answer fast need to know tonight?

Hello!You simply need toFind the numerator (top number)Find the denominator (bottom number)Divide the numerator by the denominatorAfter completing step 3, you have your answer!

How are unit rates and rates alike?

Unit rates are a special type of rates: those where the numerator or, more usually the denominator, of the rate is 1.

18 bowlers on 6 lanes what is the unit rate?

well, to find unit rates you must divide the numerator by the denominator. in this problem, 18 is our numerator, and 6 is our denominator. we divide 18 by 6 and that is 3. so, 3 is our new numerator. the answer is 3/1. I think...

How do you solve for the variable in 2 equivalent rates?

you cant

A proportion states that two ratios or rates are?


Why are effective annual rates generally greater than equivalent nominal annual rates?

because they like boobies

How do you use equivalent rates in the real world?


What is an equation stating that two ratios or rates are equivalent?


An equation that shows that two ratios or rates are equivalent?


How do crime rates relate to arrest rates and clearance rates?

Crime rates are the actual numbers at which crime occurs. Arrest rates is the number of arrests made, divided by the number of actual crimes. Clearance rates is the number of arrest cases for which charges are being laid, divided by the number of actual crimes. So the rates descend in frequency. Yes, Lazarus was the brother of Martha and Mary Magdalene and was the man that Jesus brought back to life.

How are cross products and unit rates helpful in determining whether two ratios are equivalent?

If two ratios are equivalent then their cross-product must be 1, and their unit rates must be the same.

Conversion sar to inr?

1 Saudi Riyal is equivalent 16.70 Indian Rupees using the current rates.