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Q: If the question is four sevenths 'x' minus three equals thirteen then what does the variable x stand for?
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Five and two sevenths equals how many sevenths?


If a-sevenths minus five-sevenths equals six-sevenths what does an equal?

a - 5 is 6. So a is 11

What is six sevenths multiplied by five eights equals?

6 sevenths multiplied by 5 eights equals 15 over twenty-eight, or 15/28

What does y equals in math?

Y is the variable so it depends on the question

What equals 3 sevenths?

3/7 = 0.428571

What is three sevenths of a number if it equals 21?


What does the fraction eight sevenths equals?

2 square's

Eighty-nine minus equals thirteen?

Eighty nine minus seventy six equals thirteen

Five sevenths equals how many thirty fifths?

5/7 equals 25/35.

Is two fourteenths equal to five sevenths?

No, it would have to be ten fourteenths to equal five sevenths or one seventh equals two fourteenths.

131 divided by 7 equals?


What plus what equals 24?

Thirteen plus thirteen.

What is five and two sevenths subtract two and five sevenths?

2 and four sevenths 5 & 2/7 minus 2 & 5/7 equals 2 & 4/7

What is the variable in the equation 12k equals 20?

k is the variable.

What variable equals 32?

In the right circumstances any variable.

What does m equal in one fourths plus m equals?

In the statement given in the question, m is a variable with an unknown value.

What is 3x minus 7y equals -6 in slope intercept form?

y=mx+b y = 3/7x + 6/7 y equals three sevenths x plus six sevenths

What is the variable in the equation 60 equals what times 15?

"Wat" is the variable.

What equation can you make with the letters of One plus Twelve equals Thirteen?

Two plus eleven = thirteen.

Why can't you use a equals equals sign for a for statement?

This answer applies to programming languages in general. The equals sign is used for assignment. For example, the code "$variable = 1" assigns the value of 1 to the variable $variable. If you want to test whether values are the same (equality) the double equals sign is used. For example, when you want to verify that $variable has been assigned the value of 1 you would use: $variable == 1

What number minus thirteen equals 26?


What does thirteen over four equal?

It equals 3.25

What is nine times eight equals thirteen simplified?

Wrong is simplest. Nine times Eight DOES NOT equal thirteen.

What value of the variable x is associated with the following values for the variable y and y equals 2x plus 1?

If I understand the question correctly, and that is by no means certain, then x = (y-1)/2

How do mathematicians define a variable?

They define a variable by saying n equals some value.