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Q: If the radius of a circle is 6 inches how long is the arc subtended by an angle measuring 70 degress?
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How many inches around a 12 circle?

The answer depends on the units used for measuring the circle: 12 WHAT? Inches, miles, millimetres? Since you have not bothered to provide that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

What is 11.7 inches on a measuring tape?

where is 11.7 inches on a measuring tape

How do you draw a hexagon with picture and construction?

Let's say you want to draw a hexagon with each side measuring 2 inches. Take a compass and draw a circle with a radius of 2 inches. With the compass set at the same length (2 inches) start with any point on the circle and measure of 2 inches successively around the circumference of the circle. Join the points with straight lines and you got a hexagon.

Circle shape meaning?

In geometry, a circle is a two-dimensional shape formed by all points that are one consistent distance or "radius" from a single central point. For example, if the radius is 5 inches, then the shape formed from the preceding rule would be a perfectly round circle measuring 10 inches in "diameter" (the distance of any one point on a circle to the farthest point on the same circle).

What is the area of a calendar measuring 18 inches by 12 inches?

A rectangle measuring 18 by 12 inches has an area of 216 square inches.

If the area of a circle is about 28 sq inches the diameter of the circle is about?

If the area of a circle is about 28 square inches the diameter of the circle is: about 6 inches (5.971).

What is the circumference of the circle if the circle is 32 inches in diameter?

A circle with a radius of 16 inches (32/2) has a circumference of 100.53 inches.

How many lineal inches in a 12 inches circle?

The circumference of a circle, with a diameter of 12 inches, is 37.7 inches.

If a circumference of a circle is 28.26 inches what is the radius of the circle?

4.497718692 inches

Where is 2.8 inches on a measuring tape?

2.8 inches

How do you measure a circle to get square inches?

Area of a circle in square inches = pi*radius2 in inches

If the diamentre of a circle is 9 and a half inches how many inches is it around the circle?

29.85 inches