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I think 27?

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Q: If the rate of urine formation is 2 ml min the urine inulin concentration is 25 mg ml and the plasma inulin concentration 0.5 mg ml then the GFR is?
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Whenever the plasma glucose concentration exceeds the renal plasma threshold?

it shows in urine.

What are the four main physiological processes that contribute to urine formation?

Filtration of blood, re-absorption, secretion of substances, concentration of urine

What occurs when the plasma concentration of a substance exceeds tubular maximum?

The amount of substance that exceeds the tubular maximum will be found in the urine.

The processes of filtration and reabsorption that occur in the nephron lead to the formation of?

Urine formation in the kidney

What effect does the concentration gradient of the interstitial fluid have on the maximum urine concentration?

The urine concentration increased.

How does ADH affect the concentration of potassium in urine?

Affects the concentration of potassium in the urine by controlling the amount of water in the urine.

What is the function of nephrone?

The functions are: 1:IT forms the filtering bed through which all the constituents of plasma excepting colloids of plasma are filtered and thus helps in urine formation.

When does glucose concentration in urine become zero?

The normal glucose concentration in urine ranges from 0 to 15 mg/dL. The glucose concentration in urine becomes zero when no glucose has spilled over into the urine.

What happens to the concentration of glucose in urine as the number of glucose carriers increase?

concentration of glucose in the urine decreases.

What happened to the urine volume as the concentration gradient increased?

The urine volume decreased as the concentration gradient increased.

What measures th kidney's ability to concentrate of dilute urine in relation to plasma?

It is urine's specific gravity that measures the kidney's ability to concentrate or dilute urine in relation to plasma.

What is an abnormal high concentration of protein in urine called?

Hyperproteinuria is the term for an abnormal high concentration of protein in urine.