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One answer would be neighborhood

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Q: If tree is equal to forest then house is equal to?
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Where is club penguin tree house?

the tree house is in the forest at the medieval party :)

Were is the secret tree house in friendship forest in Build-a-Bearville?

click on the huge open tree

Where are the birds on club penguin?

In the tree house. Go to the forest the and up the tree.

A forest is to a tree as a tree is to a?


Where is the tree house on Build-a-Bearville?

go to the friendship forest entrance and click on the hole at the base of the tree

What is to forest as sheep is to flock?

Tree is to forest as sheep is to flock.

Where is the secret tree house in Friendship Forest in Build-a-Bearville?

There is a dent in the tree in the top corner. Click inside it.

Where could one get a tree home built?

One could get a tree home built from the company Blue Forest. Blue Forest builds luxury tree houses and can make anything from fantasy play areas to romantic tree house hideaways.

What is the shelter in Madagascar?

Normally you use your house or the trees in the rain forest. Nearly everyones house is somewhat close to a rain forest of a big tree so, they use that as their shelter.

Where are scary essences in MySims?

Go to the forest or near Violet's house. Shake or cut the tree there.

How do you find the secret tree house in friendship forest park?

click on a hole in one of the trees

How do you make a forest on alchemy?


In what country does the red eye tree frog live in?

the red eye tree frog lives in the golf of Mexico and the tree and in my house and in the forest and in California and rite here and my toilet

What is the difference between tree and forest?

A tree is one tree and a forest is many trees.

How do you make forest in alchemy game?


Where is the Haunted house in Pokemon platinum?

in eterna forest but you need cut because there is a tree that you need to cut

What is one producer in a forest?

one producer in a forest is a tree one producer in a forest is a tree

One tree does not make a forest?

When there are no trees to represent a forest, one tree does make a forest.

Why is it necessary to incorporate forest soil along with a tree when it is transplanted to a treeless area?

It is necessary to incorporate forest soil along with a forest tree because a forest tree is already adapted to the forest soil. This soil is rich with nutrients which a tree really needs. These nutrients are needed by the forest tree in order to survive regardless of the change in location.

The tree known as the king of the forest?

the tree known as the king of the forest is the

How do you make Forest on little alchemy?

You make a forest on alchemy by: tree + tree = forest plant + water = tree

Is there only one tree in the boreal forest?

No, there is not only one tree in the Boreal Forest, there are many trees in this forest.

Where is the unicorn at on HorseIsle?

The unicorn is on the main isle (horse isle) in tail forest at the southeast corner of the island. You find the house in the southeast part of the forest. It is a little difficult, but not too hard. The house will have a note in it, but anyway, you go west to the old tree. At the tree, search (magnifying glass). It will take you in to a clearing, and the unicorn is somewhere in there.

When was The Tallest Tree in Our Forest created?

The Tallest Tree in Our Forest was created in 1977.

What is the duration of The Tallest Tree in Our Forest?

The duration of The Tallest Tree in Our Forest is 1.5 hours.