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Volume is Base times height. Multiply the area of the base of the object (use Pi times the square of the radius) times the height.

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Q: If x equals 2 inchesand y equals 6 inches what is the volume of the cylinder to the nearsest cubic inch?
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How many inches equals 39.5 mm?

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What is the lateral surface area of a cylinder with a height of twelve inches and a radius of seven inches?

The lateral surface area of a cylinder with a height of twelve inches and a radius of seven inches equals 527.79 square inches.

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What is the volume of a Cylinder 27 inch diameter length equals 60inches?

V = 34,353.3 cubic inches.

The height of a cylinder is 10 inches and the volume is 146 cubic inches - what is the radius of this cylinder?

This cylinder has a radius of: 2.156 inches.

2.75 inches equals how many inches?

2.75 inches equals 2.75 inches.

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What is the volume in gallons of a cylinder with a diameter of 60 inches and height of 147 inches?

If 60 inches is the inside diameter of your cylinder (I'm assuming it's a tank) the volume will be approximately 1800 U.S. gals. The volume of a cylinder equals (pi divided by 4) times the (inside diameter) squared times the (height) . Since you give us the diameter and the height as inches, your answer will be in cubic inches so if we look up that 231 cubic inches equals 1 U.S. gal you can plug in the numbers on a calculator to get the precise answer of 1799.27 U.S. gals.

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Radius of cylinder is 5 inches and volume is 250pi cubic inches what is the height?

The height of this cylinder is 10 inches.

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