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The twist lock connector has 3 pins.One pin has a tab on it. This pin connects to the green wire.(Gnd)Now going in a counter clockwise direction looking at the back of the connector.

the colors should be Green/Black/White

The Black and white do not really matter in this configuration.

Though this is the standard way of connecting the wires.

The two brass colored screws get connected to the black and red wires (phase A and B), the silver-colored screw gets connected to the white wire (Neutral), and the green screw gets connected to the bare or green wire (ground). The receptacle you have is made for 240V, you need to run a new cable assembly to it that has a black, red, white, bare. Make sure that you buy the correct wire for the 30 amp circuit (#10). Also make sure oyu have the proper breaker installed in the panel, a 30 amp, 240 (it's a double breaker that takes up 2 slots in the panel, hance the 240 volts).

I have the very same dilemma, and no, this isn't a 240V plug either. I need to use a 120V twistlock in this case to plug into a vibrative generator which seems to shed standard 120V plugs with ease.

I continue to search for this answer, perhaps somebody could leave it here.



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Q: If you're wiring a 30A twistlock connector with a screwtight terminal that is not labeled and the AC cable has green-black-white wires then which wires connect where?
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