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what year was someone born in if they were 45

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Q: If you are 45 what year were you born?
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If is someone is 45 what year were they born in?

2010 - 45 = 1965

If I am 45 and the year is 2010 what year was I born?


If you are 45 years old what year wERE you born in?

2009 - 45 = 1964

What year are you born if your 45?

As of 2010 the year of birth would be 1965. (2010 minus 45 = 1965).

If 45 years old what year where you born?


How old is an 45 year old in a birth date?

Someone who is 45 in 2010 was born in either 1965 or 1964 (and will be turning 46 later in the year.)

How many years I live?

To find out how many years you have lived: Subtract the year you were born, from the current year. For example: if you were born in 1969 (2014 - 1969 = 45) you would have lived for 45 years.

What was the year a 45 year old man was born from today?

Assuming today's date of February 23, 2010, if the man was celebrating his birthday today, he would have been born in 2010 - 45 = 1965.

How old would you be if you were born in 45?

You would be one thousand, nine hundred and Sixty Four years old if you were born in the year 45 a.d. You would be 64 if born in 1945.

What year Janet Jackson was born?

born may 16 1966,so she is 45 yeas old

Who will be the 45 president of the United states?

The next baby born as a 4 year old.

What year will your birthday be if your age is 45 years old?

you would have been born in 1965

How old is somebody if they were born in the year 1966?

The person would be 45 years old!

What fraction of a year is 45 days?

45 days is approximately 1/8 of a year.

Who is eligible to run for the presidency a 45-year old banker who was born and raised in Wyoming or a 30-year-old State legislator who was born in Virginia and lived abroad?

The 45 year old banker is eligible to run for the presidency, as you must be 35 years old to be President of the United States.

If you graduated in 1989 what year would this person be born in and how old would they be?

A 37 year old, born in 1971, would have graduated in 1989.

How old are you if born July 29 1966?

If u were born in 1996 then right now u would be 45 year old

How many babies are born a year?

19.86 births per 1000 of population is the annual world birthrate. (Feb 2010)there are 12,890 789 babies born in a year and there are 45 678 born in Australia

What fraction of the year is 45 days?

45 days is approximately 1/8 of a year.

If you were born in 1965 how old would you be now?

the present year is 2010 the your age is ( 2010 - 1965 ) = 45

How old is my mom if she was born on February 10 1967?

She is 45 years old and currently into 46th year.

How old is teesh Moore?

On her website it says she is 45, but it aslo says she was born in the year of the tiger, and 45 years ago was not the year of the tiger. From this information I worked out that she is probably 47, although I'm not sure. 24th June 2009

What year was 45 years ago?

1969 = 2014 - 45

Is Justin bieber a 45 year old midget?

No Justin Bieber is not a 45 year old midget

If you were born in 6764 how old would you be in 2008?

45 45 44 or 45