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Q: If you are genius then solve this question 1 plus 240 2 plus 500 3 - plus 455 4 plus 215 Then what is the value of?
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How do you solve a question 123 plus 4?


How do you solve v plus 711?

That depends what the value of v is.

What is N plus plus?

what is the value of "N"? we can solve this equation when we know the value of N, once we know the value of N we just add 1 to it,

How do you solve x plus 1 over x?

You don't "solve" an expression. You can solve an equation; an expression can be simplified or otherwise manipulated, and if you know the value of "x" (in this case), you can evaluate its value.

How do you solve the equation 7 plus 4y -5?

The question contains an algebraic expression but there is no equation to solve.

2n plus 5 n what is the value of n?

2n plus 5 n would be 7n and its impossible to solve the value of n.

What is x plus 5?

to solve this one must know the value of x

How do you solve and graph -2y plus 9-3?

There are two expressions in the question but no equation - so nothing to solve.

How do you solve x squared plus 8x plus 20?

The "solution" of an equation is the number that 'x' must be in order to make theequation a true statement.x2 + 8x + 20 is just a number, whose value depends on the value of 'x'. It's notan equation, it asks no question, makes no statement, and poses no problem, soit needs no answer, and there is nothing to "solve".

How do you solve this equation 1 plus 2ϰ to the power of 8?

There is no equation in the question!

What is the solution of -b plus 45?

(-b+45) is not an equation. It poses no question, and there's nothing there to solve. If you had told us a number that results from (-b+45), then we would have been tantalized with the question of finding the value of 'b' .

How do you solve for x if the problem is 3x plus 20?

You haven't given the solution to the equation ! 3x + 20 = ? If you have the number for the question-mark - you can find the value of x ! For example in the equation 3x + 20 = 50... the value of x is 10.