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80 times per minute * 90 minutes = 7200 times

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Q: If you can jump rope 80 time a minute then how many times can you jump in a hour and a half?
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If you can jump rope sixty times in one minute on earth how many times can you jump rope on the moon?

Zero, you're not on the moon.

Is running an agility workout?

Yea , but jump roping for an half an hour is like running for an hour

How many calories can you lose a minute by jump-roping?

You lose 1000 calories per hour

Kelli can jump rope 84 times in 60 seconds What is her rate per minute?

84 jumps per minute.

If you jump three times every minute for twenty five days how many minutes is that?

That's 18,000 minutes and you would have jumped 54,000 times

How many calories can be burned by jump roping 1000 times?

On average, jumping rope burns about 11 calories per minute. If you crank up the intensity of your jumps, you can burn in the neighborhood of 20 calories per minute. say you jump 50x/minute - 20 minutes - 220-400 cal.

Is jumping on the trampoline can make you lose weigh?

It depend's on how long you jump if you jump like for five minute's that's nothing I'd say you'l need about 2-3-4 hour's to loose some weigh ;)

What actors and actresses appeared in 6 Minute Jump - 2012?

The cast of 6 Minute Jump - 2012 includes: Joanne Burton as Marie

Can grasshoppers jump up to 20 times their body length?

Grasshoppers can jump up to 20 times the length of their body. Grasshoppers can also fly. While flying they can reach speeds of 8 miles per hour.

How many calories do you burn if you jump rope for 1 minute?

the average person will burn 11 calories per minute but the higher and the faster you go you could burn up to 20 calories. if you are trying to lose some weight i would suggest doing jump rope for an hour a day and then you have already burned 660 calories. you be amazed with the results

How many times does a eagle flap it's wings in a minute?

i think more than you can jump naa just kiddin probally about 28 times i dono if correct sorry! X audi5

Is it impossiibe to jump rope for a hour?

No, it's not. I can't find offhand what the current world record is, but I'm certain it's much, much longer than an hour (and was almost certainly much longer than an hour even before the world record rules started allowing 5-minute breaks each hour).

Why is it illegel to go faster than 2 meters per second in the long jump?

I can only assume that you mean the "standing" long jump, as opposed to the regular long jump, where you're allowed to have a running approach. Two meters per second is about half a mile per hour. That's slow. Most people walk at a pace of about four miles per hour.

What is green and can jump a mile a minute?

a frog with a hiccup !

What is the most jump ropes in a minute?

265 jumps I got 153.

What is nelson mystery jump hour?

You can find a 1970s' space gadget style Jump Hour (Mechanical Digital) Watch in related links.

How many times do you jump in a basketball game?

I can jump 10 times in a game

How many potatoes can jump over a candlestick in a minute?


Will Jump-roping help lose weight?

Yes, if you do it as an anarobic exercise. Do jump-roping very intense for about one minute, then take a one minute break. Do about 5 sets of these and you will get a pretty good burn

How do you do the triple jump?

Jump three times

How high can a Mexican jump?

they could jump up to 1 and a half feet.

Cats can jump how many times their height?

They can jump 6 to nine times their height

How high can an adult jump on Mars?

1 and a half of Earth jump height, approximately

How many calories do you burn doing one minute of jumping jacks?

Approximately 20 calories per minute, if you jump quickly.

How many times can a house jump?

Well it all depends on the way you see it. But you can believe that your house can jump 1,000,000,000 times but to me it sits and does not jump. THE END