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Send a letter explaining that you are no longer a co-signer and that whatever they think they are entitled to, do not ever contact you again by telephone. Send the letter by return receipt and keep a copy for yourself. If they call again after being told not to, contact an attorney.

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Q: If you cosign a lease for one year only and do not cosign the second year but get collections calls about the second year of the lease can you sue for harassment?
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What is the penalty for harassment with physical contact in the state of Kentucky?

I don't know what Kentucky calls it, but where I came from, "harassment with physical contact" is called an "ASSAULT."

Is 4 telephone calls harassment?

They can be considered harassment if the person calling does not know the person. If you have told the person already to stop calling, yes that is harassment. If there is a restraining order on the caller, then it is against the law.

If a creditor calls you 6 to 10 times a day is this harassment?

NO , if there is no contact with the right party or no message left

What are the charges for harassment over the phone?

The charges could be worded as telephone harassment or telephone mis-use or repeated/obscene phone calls...or harass a course of conduct. In some states if the harassing calls included threats of violence or property damage the charge could be terroristic threats.. The penalty for harassment by telephone vary from state to state such as $500 fine and/or up to 1 year in jail.

How do you stop debt collection harassment after statute of limitation?

Just call your phone co and have them put a block on the calls

Threats on answering machine count as criminal threatening?

Yes these can be taken as criminal harassment and do depend on the number of calls made and the duration between the calls, there have been several cases in law where the callers have been found guilty of communications harassment causing distress or even having a psychological affect on their victims.

Why do you receive phone calls from a 1011000000000 number?

Pure harassment from mentally disturbed psychpath. Has been reported to law enforcement.

How many phone calls does it take to be considered harassment?

wen they get on yoe nerves and they keep bugging you and you cant take no more

Can you be arrested for calling someones house?

The answer will depend on your specific state laws and the specific action, but generally repeated calls can be charged as harassment.

How many times can a creditor telephone in one day?

By the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, debt collectors may call once per day and either speak to the debtor or leave a simple message. If the debtor requests or gives permission for the collector to call additional times, then more calls are permitted. Anything more is harassment.

Can the repo man remain calling you after the repossession?

Unless the phone calls reach the level of criminal harassment, contain threats, or are in violation of a court order, anyone is permitted to call anyone. Typically, however, the person who actually repossesses an item after a default is a subcontracted individual, hired by the financing or collections company. The person who actually performs the repossession does not make calls (except as necessary to locate the property). If you are still receiving calls regarding the property, it is most likely from the financing or collections company. Often, after an article is repossessed and sold, the proceeds from the sale of the article are not sufficient to satisfy the outstanding debt. In this case, the collection company would continue trying to reach you in order to recover the remaining balance.

What happens if you miss 4 loan repayments?

Will effect your credit report and probably go into collections. Prepare for phone calls now.

How do i deal with a guy harassment because he thinks i love him when i already said that i don't and i will not love him?

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How would you prove a sexual harassment case?

Excepted proof could be in the form of SMSs, taped phone calls or conversations or written requests for such liaisons.

What can I do about getting calls where they just hang up?

Report it to the phone company. Phone harassment is illegal. You can also talk to your local police dept. (don't call 911!)

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How many times a day can a landlord call you before it becomes harassment?

It depends on the reasons for and nature of the calls. If they have a legitimate complaint that you are ignoring or failing to address they can keep calling and complaining.

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Can auto creditors call your job about a repossession?

Laws are different for collection agencies than they are for the actual lender. The lender has more leeway as to when and where they can call, but neither may discuss any aspect of your account, including the intent of the call, with anyone but you. Collection agencies must stop calls to your place of business if notified by the debtor that such calls are prohibited by the employer. Lender's often abide by the same rules as collection agencies when doing their own internal collections to be safe from a legal perspective and because anything that boarders on harassment rarely results in recovered dollars.

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How many times a day can a creditor call you before if is phone harassment?

This is a very broad question. It usually depends on the state and previous case law in that state. 5 times usually isn't harassment, 20 times is. And then were the calls just no answer or was there a live contact or a voicemail left? Because then the # goes down significantly. Experience: I own a collection agency.