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Q: If you divide positive by a negative does it equal a negative or positive?
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When dividing two negatives does it equal a positive?

Actually it does, whenever you mulitply and divide two negative and two positive numbers they always equal a positive number. When you multiply and divide a negative and positive they always equal a negative number.

When you divide a negative and a negative does it equal a positive or negative?

It makes a positive, since the two negative signs cancel each other out.

How do i divide integers with different signs?

see if have -8 divided by -8 divide the number number first and then see to the following signs-8 divided by -8 is equal to +1-8 divided by +8 is equal to -1so different signs -same sign +++=+--=++-=--+=-

Do two negative integers equal a positive?

Only when you divide or multiply.

Negative 1000 divided by 100 equals what?


When you divide a negative with negative do you get a positive or negative?

always a positive

Does a negative number plus a negative number equal a positive or a negative number?

It could equal both a negagtive number or a positive number. To get a definite positive or negative you times or divide. Well in addition and subtraction negative plus a negative equals a bigger negative. Kinda like -4+-4 =-8, but in multiplication and division 2 negatives equal a positive. -2 times-2 =positive 4.

What is a negative decimal divided by a positive decimal?

You just divide like you would divide any other decimal, and then... Positive and Positive = Positive Negative and Negative = Positive Positive and Negative = Negative I hope my answer helped! :)

Is a negative divide by a positive a negative?

Yes a negative divided by a positive is a negative! :)

When you divide a positive number by a negative number will the answer be positive or negative?

It will be negative.

How do you change a negative number into a decimal?

You divide the negative number by a positive number for it to stay positive. And you divide the negative number by a negative number for it to become positive.

When you Divide a negative by a positive what is the answer?