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You would have symmetry

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Q: If you draw a line down the center of a design and the two halves are very similar to each other the design has?
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Having left and right halves that mirror each other?

An object or organism that has left and right halves that mirror each other is said to exhibit bilateral symmetry. This is a common characteristic of many animals, including humans. It means that if an imaginary line is drawn down the center of the organism, the two halves will be nearly identical in shape and size.

What other computer design software programs are similar to Adobe InDesign?

"Serif PagePlus X3

What is the purpose of CFDesign?

CF Design is a company that provides residential design services to consumers. Their expertise is in high end custom homes and other similar structures.

Are mahogany caskets more expensive than other wooden caskets?

Usually yes - as long as one compares caskets of similar design, similar thickness of wood and similar interiors.

What is a double house?

A "Double House" is a two family house with a central party wall dividing the two units. Usually the two halves "mirror" each other in floor plan and design.

What are design programs for a pc?

Photoshop is a very popular design program for pc. Other similar programs include Corel and Adobe Illustrator. Gimp is also and excellent design program which is absolutely free!

Why 11 sides on a Loon Coin?

The 11-sided design was chosen to help make the coin easy to tell apart from other coins, especially to help people who are visually impaired or blind. Those of us who are sighted can tell by its color, but for someone who relies on touch the 11 sides distinguish it from similar sized pieces such as quarters and halves.

What is the center of a tornado like compared to that of the area around it?

There is evidence that some tornadoes have a calm center similar to the eye of a hurricane. In other cases the winds at the center of a tornado are still violent.

If you want to design houses what is that called and how much would you get paid for doing that?

architects design houses and they make depending on experience, knowledge, location and all other similar staff

How do you make a fan shaped floral design?

The fan shaped floral design is usually called the Victorian fan. This floral design begins by placing the tallest element in the center, back of the design. A symmetrical fan shape is then created on both sides of this element by angling the other tall plant matter in to a fan shape. A focal point, such as a spray is added to the front, center of the fan.

What is a cord that is drawn from the center of a circle?

A cord that crosses the center of a circle is a diameter, which divides the circle into two equal halves. It is a line segment, and it is the longest cord that can be drawn within a circle.However, if the segment begins at the center rather than crosses through it, and has the other endpoint on the circumference of the circle, it is not a cord, but is a radius of that circle.

What is the usaul shape of the Jewish synogue?

There is no standardised synagogue design, so you will see them in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. They may, however, be of similar design to other religious buildings in the area.