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(85 percent + 79 percent + 92 percent + 100 percent)/4 = 89 percent

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Q: If you get an 85 percent 79 percent 92 percent and 100 percent what would your overall grade be?
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How much does 100 percent correct on one test bring up your grade if you had a 94 percent overall grade before?

To a 100% A

What grade is a 100 percent?

A 100% is totally an A+.

What grade do you get if you got a 67 percent out of a 100 percent?


What is your grade if you get 40 percent out of 100 percent?

40 (F)

What grade is a 62 percent on an exam?

62 percent regardless of the overall of the test still means you only got a little over half the questions right if it was a 100 point test it would be 62 grade for 62 right points if it were say 150 you would have gotten 95 points correct its easier for them to show you a percent which is if you had 4 tests and 2 were 150 points and 2 100 all were 30 percent of you final grade would not be added totaled then div. by four like high school if all four were 2 62's and 2 95's your final percent/grade is still 62 which means 30 x .62 gives you 18.6% for your 30% you need of your final grade still your grade is going to be a D for that percentage.

What is 75 percent out of a 100 percent?

75% out of 100% is 75/100 or .75. In grade terms is a C.

How do you find your percent after you get 100 percent on a test and the test is 60 percent of your grade?

[(100x60) + (Tx40)]/100=Average, where T is you average on the other 40% of your grade. Example: your grade average is 90 before the test. You get a 100 on the big test. [(100x60) + 90x40)]/100 = [6000 + 3600]/100 = 96

How do you Convert percent incline into a degree measure?

I suppose you mean road gradients which are specified in percent. This means the amount of rise or fall per unit of distance. Thus a gradient of 1 in 5, which means a rise or fall of 1 unit in 5 units of distance, would be stated as 20 percent, that is 20 in 100, which is the same as 1 in 5.

What is the grade 46 out of 52?

You would divide 46 by 52 and then multiple by 100 to find the percent. The grade would be an 88 if all the questions are worth the same amount.

What is a 65 percent out of a 100 percent grade?

According to my grade calculator it is a D. If there are a 100 possible and you got 65 than means you missed 40% of the test.

What letter grade is 70 percent out of 100 percent?

it is a C

Is 40 percent a bad grade?

Out of 100, yes.