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1 plus (6 divided by ((square root of 9) plus (square root of 9)))



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โˆ™ 2010-01-28 05:13:42
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Q: If you had 4 numbers 1996 how do you get 2 using any math?
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Why do chef use math?

Try finding the mass (weight) of something without using any numbers or maths. Try doubling a recipe without ANY numbers!

How does math work?

Math is really just another language in which you communicate using numbers and fraction bars, and decimals etc.. But what math is, i woudln't say there is any concrete way of answering that.

Is there a number that rhymes with math?

No math does not have any rhyming numbers.

What is math in Greek?

Math is the same in any languge, numbers is the language we all speak!(:

Is there math in meningitis?

There is no math in meningitis. Meningitis is an inflammation, and is not mathematical in any way. Math involves numbers, and meningitis involves inflammation.

What numbers have the factor of 1996?

Itself and any multiples of it

Positive numbers in math?

Positive numbers refers to any real number that is greater than zero.

Is there any programming language that uses no math or numbers?

I cannot think of any. All programming language are developed/designed from math thoeries and dealing with numbers (binaries). It may seem that a program is not dealing with numbers, like text processor. But in reality, those text are still numbers (0s and 1s). Even the application you try to write has nothing to do with numbers or math, however, the code you write, still require some math background to understand the syntax and semantics. In a way, the code, the algorithm (HA, another math term), is in MATH.

Using the numbers 3 3 4 8 using any math sequence how do you get the answer 24?

(4)-(3)=1 1*(3) = 3 3 * (8) = 24◄

What does interval mean in math terms?

In math, an interval is a set of real numbers with the property that any number that lies between two numbers in the set is also included in the set.

Why did Roman Numerals get replaced by numbers?

Roman numbers are totally impractical for doing any math - such as addition, or multiplication.

What are odd numbers in math?

Any number that leaves a remaider when divided by 2

What does increased by in math mean?

Increased BY refers to addition of any combination of numbers

What math property says that you can add up numbers in any order?

the commutative property

What is the world's longest math lesson?

I would imagine that learning the numbers of Pi up to a certain point, like maybe 1000 numbers, would be the longest math lesson, in a sense. If you go through the basics of math may be you can't feel that any math lesson as longest math lesson in world.

Do Sudoku puzzles increase math skills in children?

Any puzzle will help your child with critical thinking skills so sudoku will be good for that. Suduku has numbers in it but it does not involve any math so it wont help your son do better in math.

What is compare in math terms?

To "compare" usually means to find out which of two numbers is bigger, if any.

What are some math words beginning with any letter and what are their definitions?

Addition is adding two numbers

What is the addend in a math problem?

Any of a group of numbers or terms added together to form a sum.

Do you spell out numbers?

when writing numbers in any other subject than math, you should spell them out.

How do you write a password using only alphanumeric characters?

By using any letters A to Z and any numbers 0 to 9

What does prime mean on math?

It means that than number cannot be divided by any numbers but itself and 1

Why do functions matter?

Functions are our way of expressing a relation between two sets, which is of fundamental importance to all of math. In fact, one could argue that there would be no math, only numbers, if there weren't any relations between the numbers.

How can you learn math easier?

I would suggest using for any math related. He has videos that aren't broign and from all levels, simple math (adding, subtracting) to calculus, and more advanced.

What is the product called when you divide two numbers?

The answer is a product for any math question. Specifically for division I think it is a dividend.

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