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A discount of 2.10 pounds for a total of 11.90

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Q: If you have 14 pound and get a 15 percent discount what would it equal?
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Does 25 percent of 1 pound equal 400 ounces?

25% of a pound would be 4 ounces. There are 16 oz. in a pound.

What would 60 with a discount of 25 percent?

The discount price is 45.

What is a 20 percent discount of 7.40?

the discount would be 1.48 and the new price would be 5.92

What is the trade discount amount and net price of an invoice of 5678 at a 25 percent discount?

The trade discount of 5678 with a 25 percent discount would be 4258.50. This is considered to be a math problem.

What is a 10 percent discount of 140?

A 10 percent discount of 140 is a discount of 14 (.10 x 140) Thus after a 10 percent discount, something that costs 140 would now cost 140 - 14 = 126

How many chicken drumsticks would equal one pound?

About 4 drumsticks equal a pound

A pair of pants with a marked price of 35.00 has a discount of 20 How much is the discount?

If the pants are priced at $35.00 and they are discounted by 20 percent then: $35.00 x .20 (20%) it would equal a savings of $7.00 or the pants would cost $28 after the discount had been applied.

How much is 10 percent off of 230 dollars?

$230 at a 10% discount means you need to find 90% of $230. That would equal $207.

How do you Calculate discount from price?

A discount is a percentage off the original price. For instance, a ten percent discount off a forty pound jacket would be £4. So 40 - 4 = £36

About how many chicken wings would equal one pound?

8-10 depending on the wing size would equal one pound.

Describe a procedure for finding the price of a discounted item if you know the percent of the discount?

If your item is 50 dollars and the discount is 10 percent, you can divide 50 by 10 which would be five dollars off. It the discount is 20 percent, you can take 5 times 2 which would be 10 dollars off. Always begin by figuring out a 10 percent discount and multiply from there.

What percent discount would you get if the price was 16.95 and you paid 15.96?


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