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33 ÷ 35 = .94 (rounded off)

To change a decimal to percentage, move decimal point 2 steps to the right.

So .94 = 94 %

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2009-11-10 16:25:14
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Q: If you have 35 questions on a test and you get 33 questions right- what percent did you get?
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What is the percent if 9 questions were wrong out of 33 questions on a test?

33-9=24 24/33x100=72.73% to two decimal places

What is the percent if you get 3 questions wrong out of 33 on a history test?

Your score would be 90.91%

If there were 33 questions on a test and 7 were wrong what grade would that be?

If the teacher is not using a curve, 33-7=26 so there are 26 questions right. The percent correct is 26/33 or 78.78787878 percent with the 78 in the decimal recurring, meaning this is a 78.8 or a 79, which is a C or a C+ in many grading systems.

How many questions can be wrong on a 55 question test to get 60 percent?

22 questions can be wrong. This means that you would have to get 33 marks, which is 60%

What is the percent if 6 questions were wrong out of 33 questions?

81.818% Solution: 81818 = 1-(6/33)

How many questions on the fema 775 test?


How many questions can you miss out of 110 questions to pass with a 70 percent?


Misha increased her test score from 60 percent to 80 percent What was the approximate percent increase of Misha's test score?


How many questions can you miss to get 78 percent on a 150 question test?

In order to score 78% correct on a test with 150 questions, assuming that every one of the 150 answers is given equal weight, you must answer exactly 33 questions incorrectly. No more, no less.

What is the percent of 5 right out of 15?

It is: 33 and 1/3 percent

I need to get a 65 percent on a test out of 50 questions how many can i miss?

To score 65% you would need to answer 32.5 questions correctly. As you can't answer half a question correctly, you will need to answer 33 correctly resulting in a mark of 66%. Thus you can miss 17.

33 percent plus 33 percent plus 33 percent plus what equals 100 percent?


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