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If the teacher is not using a curve, 33-7=26 so there are 26 questions right.

The percent correct is 26/33 or 78.78787878 percent with the 78 in the decimal recurring, meaning this is a 78.8 or a 79, which is a C or a C+ in many grading systems.

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Q: If there were 33 questions on a test and 7 were wrong what grade would that be?
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How can you find the grade average from 20 wrong out of 75 questions?

If you got 20 problems wrong on a 75 question test your grade would be 73% or a C. You can find that by subtracting the amount of questions you got wrong from the amount you got right, 55 in this case. Divide the amount of correct questions by the amount of questions on the test to get .733333. That is the grade.

What is the percent of 6 questions were wrong out of 40 questions on a test?

what is your grade percentage if you miss 6 questions out of 40

What would be your grade if you had 60 questions and got 5 wrong?

Your score would be 91.7% . Your letter-grade would be whatever the teacher decided to award for 91.7% . I'm just hoping it wasn't a math test.

How many questions did you get wrong on a 40 question test if you received a grade of 73 percent?

At least 11. 30 questions right would be 75% and 29 would be 72.5%, which would round up to 73%.

What grade do you get if you get 8 wrong out of 23 questions?

It depends on the test. Some tests penalise wrong answers, others don't.

What grade would one get on a test of 18 questions with 4 wrong?

You would get a 77%. You do 14 (the amount you got right) divided by the total amount of questions (18). So 14/18 which equals 0.77777777...

What would you grade be when you had 5 auestions on a test and got one wrong what would your grade be?

80% or B

How much is 17 questions wrong out of 70?

53 questions this was a test it would be 75%

What is my grade if I got two questions wrong on a twenty question test?

You would have a 90%. It all depends on what grading scale your school uses. For some it would be an A (or A-) for others it would be a B+.

If you miss 14 questions on a 90 question test what would your grade be?


How do you grade a test 85 questions 13 wrong?

13 wrong out of 85 is 72 correct. So percentage score = 100*72/85 = 84.7%

How many questions can you get wrong on a test with150 question test?

You can get up to 150 questions wrong.