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Q: If you have a test with 25 questions and you miss two what percentage did you get?
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What is the grade if you miss 2 out of 23?

You can solve this in two steps * First find out how many questions you DIDN'T miss. * Then convert (questions not missed) / (total questions) into a percentage. The above assume that you want a percentage; it also assumes that all questions have the same weight.

How many questions can you miss on New Jersey permit test?

7Added; it depends on the state you are taking the test in.

How many question you can miss to get 80 on a 10 question test?

Assuming thatall questions carry the same score,there no penalties for unanswered questions, andall the ones that you do answer are correct,you can miss two.

What is 90 percent of 21 questions?

90% of 21 = 18.9So, in order to score 90% on a test with 21 questions,you can't miss more than two of them.

How many questions can you miss to get 70 percent on a 50 question test with each question being two points each?

2 * (50 - x) = 70 50 - x = 35 x = 15 You can miss 15 questions.

How many questions can you miss on New York permit test?

4 questions

What is your score if you miss 1 out of 3 questions?

two third

How many questions can you miss to get 60 percent on a 70 question test?

You can miss 40% = 70*40/100 = 28. However, that depends on two things: one is that you get all the remaining answers correct and also that you are not penalised for wrong answers.

What is the percent if you have 26 questions and have two wrong?

92.3077% correct percentage.

What percentage is 30 questions out of 31?

It is: 96.77% rounded to two decimal places

What is your grade if you miss 2 out of 10 problems?

Missing two questions = getting eight questions correct. 8/10 = 80%

What if your teacher is giving you a test worth 100 points containing 40 questions There are two point and four point questions on the test How many of each type of questions are on the test?

You have "30" 2 point questions and = 60 points, and "10" 4 point questions which = 40 so 60+40= 100 (check)