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Yes you can find an answer.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: If you know a factor of a number can you find another factor?
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If you know a factor of a number an you find another factor explain?

Yes. If you know one factor of a number, divide it into the number. The answer will be another factor.

If you know a factor of a number can you find another factor explain?

Factors come in pairs. If you know one factor, divide it into the number. The answer will be another factor.

How can you know if a number is a multiple of another number?

When it is a factor of that particular number.

Why is it important to know the divisibility when you are finding factors of another number?

Because if you divide a factor from the another number you will get the corresponding factor

How do you know if a number is a factor of another number?

If the smaller number divides evenly into the larger number with no remainder, the smaller number is a factor of the larger number.

When a number or expression that is multiplied by another number or expression to get a product?

Idont know factor

How do you know that any number greater than 12 cannot be a factor of 12?

No number can have a factor greater than itself. In order for a number to be a factor, it has to partner with another integer to create the target number.

How would you know if a number is composite?

If it has more than two factors. If you find a third factor, you know.

What is the difference between a coefficient and a factor?

well i would say that a factor is a number add to another number and it equal something but a coefficient is not really what i know but i think its something similar to a factor

How do you find the scale factor from a large rectangle to a small rectangle?

If you know one of the sides of both the rectangles than you just divide them by one another to find the scale factor.

How can you determine whether a counting number is a composite number?

Start looking for factors; you already know that 1 is a factor, and that the number itself is a second factor (unless the number is 1). As soon as you find a factor that is neither 1 nor the number itself, the number is composite. If you find exactly two factors, the number is prime. If the number has only one factor, the number is 1, which is neither prime nor composite.

What is a factor tree and how do you know when its complete?

A Factor tree is when you put your number there and then find what makes that answer, you know it is done when you have all prime numbers. ~6th grader @ Celia Hays Elementary

How do you know if the number is a factor?

If it divides evenly into the original number with no remainder, it's a factor.

How you know that any numbers have at least one common factor?

You can start by listing out each number's factors. Then, when you find at least one common factor, that is your answer!

How do you know if 11 is a factor of a number?

Divide the number by 11. If it comes out evenly with no remainder, 11 is a factor of the number.

What is a whole factor?

a whole factor is a number that is whole, which is also a factor, nd incase u didnt know a factor is the number u use to divide a number

How will you know if 10 is a factor of a number?

The number ends in zero.

How do you determine a composite number?

Composite numbers have more than two factors. Once you find a third factor, you know your number is composite.

How can you test t determine whether a number is a factor of a number?

it's simple, you divide the potential factor by the original number.For example, if I wanted to find out if 12 was a factor of 36;36/12= 3Because this number is an integer and not a decimal we know that in fact, 12 is a factor of 36.I hope that helped :)

Why can't you find prime factorization in 4.8?

When a factor divides into a number, the result is a whole number. That's how you know the first number is a factor. If you were to allow the result to be a decimal, then all numbers would be factors. It defeats the purpose.

What is largest perfect square factor?

We need to know what number the square is a factor of.

How do you find a missing factor in a multiplication?

Divide the product by the factor[s] you know. The answer is the missing factor.

You are thinking of a number you know that to be sure you find all of the factor pairs of this number you have to check all the numbers 1 through 15?

You are thinking of 225.

Why do scientists find it important to use a control in an experiment?

So scientists can know for certain if the factor they're testing affects the outcome and isn't caused by another factor which isn't being measured. It elimiantes the chance of another factor affecting the outcome of an experiment.

How can you find the number of moles that get neutralized by another compound?

i dont know! youtube maybe i dont know! youtube maybe