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What's the question ? Is it to find what the two numbers are ?

Since you know their average, you know what the sum of the two numbers is.

It's double their average.

Now you know their sum, and you know their product.

Take the product, and list all of its factors.

Find two of the factors that add up to the sum of the two numbers.

Those are probably the two numbers you're looking for.

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Q: If you know the average and product of two numbers how do you find the answer?
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How do you find GCF knowing LCM?

The LCM of two numbers multiplied by their GCF will equal the product of the original numbers. If you know the LCM, divide it into the product. The result will be the GCF.

How do you find the LCM using GCF?

The GCF of two numbers multiplied by their LCM will equal the product of the original numbers. If you know the GCF, divide it into the product of the two. The result will be the LCM. If the GCF of two numbers is 1, the LCM is their product.

If you know the average how do you find the numbers?

It's impossible.Other AnswerYou need a little more information than the average.

If 13 is HCF of 2 number whose product is 1690 find the LCM?

To find the LCM, you multiply the numbers together and then divide by the HCF. In this case, we don't know the numbers, but we have the HCF (13) and we have the product of the numbers (1690). Thus all you do is divide 1690 by 13 to get: 1690/13 = 130 And thus the LCM of two numbers whose hcf is 13 and product is 1690 is 130.

What is The average of four numbers that equals 5?

The average of any 4 numbers that add together to equal 5 is 1.25. It doesn't matter what the numbers are, you can find the average as long as you know how many numbers and what they add up to. x+y+z+a+b+c = 36, the average of those numbers will be 6, regardless of how big or small they are.

What is the average of 73.2 71.1 54.6 65.5 78.2 81.9 82.1?

72.3714286-In case you didn't know, to find an average, you add all the numbers together and divide by how many numbers there are.

Do you really know all the prime numbers?

The way to know the Prime Numbers is to find out if they can only Multiplied Once ,The way to know Composite Numbers is to find out if they can be Multiplied Twice

How can you find the product for 67 436 by multiplying and subtracting?

A product is the answer to a multiplication problem... but I don't know if 67 and 436 are separate numbers or if it's 67,436. If it's 67 and 436 then you just multiply them, but if it's 67, 436 you can't find the product because you don't have enough.

How do you work out this sum the average of 2 numbers is 16 if of one number is 12 what is the other number?

You 'work it out' by understanding what an average is, and how to work with it. -- Write the formula for the average of two numbers. -- Put the numbers you know into it. -- Solve it for the number you don't know. The average of two numbers is Avg = 1/2 (A + B) Put in the numbers you know: 16 = 1/2 (12 + B) You should be able to take this expression and find out what 'B' is. If you can't, then you need to make an appointment and spend some time with your teacher.

When you multiply 5 the ones digit in the product is one of these two numbers Name the numbers Explain how you know?


Find two consecutive odd numbers that have a product of 143?

If you know that 144 is 12 squared, it would make sense to try 11 and 13. And viola!

When the pachymeter give you five numbers how do you get the average of these numbers?

I don't know what a pachymeter is. But here's how to get the average of any five numbers, no matter where they came from: -- Add up all five numbers. -- Divide the sum by 5 . The quotient is the average of the five numbers.

How do you find the product of two numbers they are both six?

To find the product of two numbers, multiply one by the other. If you don't know how to multiply, then here's how: Add one of the numbers as many times as the other number. So for 6 * 6, it would be 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 +6, which is 36. Memorizing multiplication tables is very helpful for any multiplication.

What are numbers less than 100 that are the product of exactly 3 different prime numbers?

All the numbers less than 100 that are the product of exactly three different prime numbers are 30, 42, 66, 70, and 78. Need to know how to get the answer

When the product of two numbers is equal to one of the factors. what do you know about the other factor?

It is the number one.

How do you know that the product of any two numbers greater than i must be a composite number?

Prime numbers have only two factors: one and themselves. By definition, your product would have more than that: one, the product and at least the two numbers that created the product. It has to be composite.

How do you know a product of any 2 numbers greater than 1 must be a composite number?

Because that product would have both of the two numbers as factors, giving it at least a total of 4.

What is the sum of 2 numbers is 4 and their product is-32 Find the numbers?

If their product is -32, that means that one number is negative. we also know that the sum of the numbers is 4 so one number must be at least 4. lets list out the factors of 32-- 1;32--2;16--4;8 the difference of one of them must be 4 so... 8 and -4 are your numbers. hope it helped!

A special pair are we our sum is 100 Our product lets you know some more Its our sum time 24 What numbers are we?

If the product of the two numbers is the sum times 24, then the product of the two numbers is 2400. 40 times 60 is 2400, and 40 plus 60 is 100. The two numbers are 40 and 60.

If two numbers are both prime what is the least common multiple of the numbers?

The least common multiple is the product of the numbers. _____________________________________________________________________ by going threw all their multiples till u find ones that match even though it will take forever this is the only way i know of. sorry :)

How do you know when two pairs of numbers will have an LCM that is less than the product of the numbers?

When their GCF is greater than 1. When they have prime factors in common.

Why does the product of 4 negative numbers equal a positive?

If you know that the product of 2 negative numbers is positive, then the product of 4 negative numbers has to be positive. The product of the first two negative numbers is positive and the next two negative numbers is positive. Multiplying the product of the first two numbers (positive number) and the product of the last two numbers (also positive), is a positive number times a positive number which is positive. Let a, b, c and d be negative numbers: (a*b*c*d) = (a*b)*(c*d) (-ve*-ve*-ve*-ve)=(-ve*-ve)*(-ve*-ve)= (+ve)*(+ve) = (+ve)

Find each product or quotient Express using exponents?

what is the product or quotient? i need to know so i can help you!

If you know the greatest common factor of two numbers is 1 can you predict what the LCM will be?

Yes. The LCM will be their product.

Two numbers whose product is 1 are called?

Two numbers with a product of 1 are called reciprocals. If you have a number and want to find the reciprocal of it, simply divide 1 by the number. For example, the reciprocal of 5 is 1/5, and the reciprocal of 700 is 1/700.