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53.33... %

THere are 8 odd numbers out of 15, so probability = 100*8/15 %

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What is meant by random number?

That is a number picked without any thought.

How does someone get picked for jury duty?

u get picked for jury duty when u vote they get your name and they pick your name at random through the use of a machine.

What is picked at random?

the letter a

If a student is picked at random what is the probability that heshe received an A on hiher final?

If a student is picked at random what is the probability that he/she received an A on his/her fina?

What is a different event that is the same as what is the probability that if you roll the dice you'll get the number 3?

What is the probability that the letter P is picked when a letter is picked at random from the word STUPID!

What is the probability that A date picked at random is February 30?

The probability that a date picked at random is February 30th is zero, as there is no February 30th, even in leap years.

What is a perfect sentence for the word random?

Out of pure randomness, I picked a marble from the wooden box at random.

Why is the slope is represented by m?

M is simply just a random number picked by math maticians. Almost the whole alphabet stands for something.

How do you become a Random Rox Winner on Moshi Monsters?

Random Rox prizes are given to monster owners who have their comments picked at random, from the Daily Growl.

What is probability if getting picked out of 16 people?

If only one person is picked at random then the probability is 1/16 = 0.0625

What is the probability of picking any red-colored card from a pack?

The answer depends on how many cards are picked, whether they are picked at random, from what sort of pack, and whether or not cards are replaced before the next one is picked. The probability that a single card, picked at random from a regular 52 card deck is red, is 0.5

Will you get picked for Jury Duty?

There is no way of knowing. The picks are totally at random.

How will one get picked for jury duty?

It is a random draw for any citizen.

What is the measurement of basketball jersey numbers?

Random numbers that can be picked by the players

What is random number in?

a random no. is just random!:]

Is it possible to make a random number generator?

Yes, it is possible to make a random number generator.Sample Program:public class RandomTest {public RandomTest() {// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub}/*** @param args*/public static void main(String[] args) {for(int i =0; i System.out.println("A Random Number no: " + i + " is "+ Math.random());}}}Output:A Random Number no: 0 is 0.24880184469826105A Random Number no: 1 is 0.5369598877111448A Random Number no: 2 is 0.2876010615285238A Random Number no: 3 is 0.4861592545825367A Random Number no: 4 is 0.11085900665131909A Random Number no: 5 is 0.8502745400922089A Random Number no: 6 is 0.9925215551417154A Random Number no: 7 is 0.25456827363995205A Random Number no: 8 is 0.3291166456282506A Random Number no: 9 is 0.03753810494967513A Random Number no: 10 is 0.8472352341860473

What is the probability of having exactly 2 boys out of 6 children?

The answer depends on whether the children are picked at random. If they were selected from inside a girls' school the probability should be quite close to 0. Likewise, if the children were picked inside a boys' school. If six children are picked at random from a large group of children with an equal number of boys and girls, then the answer is 6C2*(1/2)6 = 15/32 = 0.47, approx.

Where did Sprite the drink get its name?

i did some research and sprite was picked by random and it worked.

What is the probability of a vowel being picked at random from the word probability?


What is the probability of picking an m from the word mathematics?

If picked at random, the answer is 2/11.

What is the probability that a letter picked at random is not a vowel?

To work out probability you have to know the number of possible options, and how many of those options meet the criteria. In this case there are 26 possible options (all the letters) and 21 that meet the criteria (21 non-vowels). The probability is the number that match divided by the total number possible. In this case it would be 21/26. This comes out to approximately 0.80769. Thus the probability that a letter picked at random is not a vowel is 0.80769

If a number is chosen at random from the numbers 1 to 20 inclusive what is the probability a prime will be picked?

There are 8 out of 20 numbers that are prime, so 8/20, or 2/5.

What is the use of random number in medical counseling?

what is the use of mbbs counselling random number, how to find the college related to random number

How did random people call my phone number?

they put random numbers

How do you find a random number from random number table?

randomly look...

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