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No, the area will get smaller, not the perimeter.

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Q: If you remove a square from the area of a shape will its perimeter get smaller?
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What is perimeter of 500 square acres?

If shape of the area is a square, then the length of the perimeter is 18,667.619 feet.

What shape has a perimeter of 44cm?

A square perhaps

What is the shape of perimeter?

Can be any shape It is the edge of something So perimeter of a property can be round or square or irregular

What is the perimeter of 1.5 acres?

It depends on the shape of the area. It the shape is a square, the perimeter would be 1,022 feet.

How can you find a perimeter?

you have to have a shape first ex. square the square has a perimeter of 15 ft2 if it was a small sqaure

What shape has the same perimeter and area?

A square has the same area and perimeter of 16cm

Is it sometimes always or never true that the perimeter of a rectangle is numerically greater than its area?

Sometimes. Experiment with a small square and with a large square (though any shape rectangle will do). A square of 4 x 4 has a perimeter of 16, and an area of 16. A smaller square has more perimeter than area. A larger square has more area than perimeter.

What is area an perimeter?

Area is the amount of square units in a 2-D shape, and perimeter is the distance around a shape

What shape has a bigger area and a smaller perimeter?

Bigger than what ? Smaller than what ? If you have a certain perimeter and you want to cram the most area inside it, or if you have a certain area and you want to enclose it in the shortest perimeter, then you must make the perimeter circular. If you have only a limited number of fence posts and a circular perimeter isn't practical, then you make the perimeter square.

Is there any shape with perimeter with 23 square units?


What shape has the same area but a different perimeter?

a square

What shape has a perimeter of 16cm?

anything imaginary but a real shape would be a square or rectangle.

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