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2hours 57 minutes = 177 minutes

177 minutes/26 miles= 6.80 minutes /miles

0.80 minutes x 60 seconds= 48 seconds

Answer= 6:48 /mile

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2010-09-25 22:31:42
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Q: If you run 26 miles in 2 hours and 57 minutes about many minutes average each mile?
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If run 26 miles in 3hourshow many minutes average for each mile?

26 miles in three hours is an average of about 6 minutes 55 seconds per mile.

Lucinda ran 3.7 miles in 30 minutes what was her average time for each mile?

Her average time was 8.1 minutes per mile.

The destination of your trip is 456 miles away How much time will you need to make the trip if you drive 75 miles per hour and take 4 rest stops that average 21 minutes each Round your answer to the?

7.5 456 miles divided by 75 miles is 6.08 hours. Then, 21 minutes times 4 rest stops equals 84 minutes. 84 min. divided by 60 min in an hour is 1.4 hours. So, 6.08 plus 1.4 is 7.48 hours, which rounds up to 7.5 hours.

The destination of your trip is 456 miles away How much time will you need to make the trip if you drive 75 miles per hour and take 4 rest stops that average 21 minutes each round to the nearest tenth?

7 hours, 28.8 minutes

How many miles do you cover in 75 minutes going 14.5 miles per hour?

75 minutes is 1.25 hours. going 14.6 miles each hour means you multiply 1.25 by 14.5 and you get 18.125

What is the average speed of a car that travels 100 miles in 4hrs?

25mph 100 miles / 4 hours = the amount of miles per each hour

100 miles from you by car how fast miles per hour should you drive your car on average to get to in 2 hours?

If you have to drive 100 miles, and you have 2 hours to do it in, I think 50 miles in each hour ought to get you there.

How long does it take an average person to run a marathon?

If a person runs each mile in ten minutes, it will take 4 hours and 22 minutes.

How do you convert 120 years into minutes?

120 times 365.25 (days in an average year, approx) times 24 hours in each day times 60 minutes in each hour.

How far will a driver go in 6 hours if the average speed is 55 mph?

55 miles each hour for 6 hours. 55 x 6 = 330 miles.

How long does it take to drive 220 miles at 60 mph?

60 miles per hour? Well since there are 60 minutes in each hour, then you go 1 mile for each minute. If you need to go 220 miles of distance, you will need 220 minutes of time. How many hours are there in 220 minutes? Divide 220 by the number of minutes in each hour. Then you will have the number of whole hours, but instead of having "minutes" left over, you'll have a decimal that is a percentage of an hour. You'll have to figure that part out yourself.

Kerry ran a 10-mile race She ran the first three miles in 21 minutes She ran the last seven miles in 63 minutes What was her average speed in the race?

Simply add your times and divide by the distance (or visa-versa).21 minutes + 63 minutes = 84 minutes84 minutes/10 miles = 8.4 minute miles.Note, this is a convenient form to calculate speed for runners. However, the "standard" would be in MPH (or the metric equivalent).(10 miles / 84 minutes)*(60 minutes/hour) = 7.14 MPHA common fallacy might be to calculate the speed in each leg of the race and average.3 miles in 21 minutes = 7 minute miles.7 miles in 63 minutes = 9 minute miles.If you average these two you get 8 minute miles WHICH IS INCORRECT.The problem with this is that the runner ran each pace for different distances. If the distances at each pace were the same, then this would work.

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