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Looks like 50.00 X .07 = 3.50 of tax.

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Q: If you spend 50.00 and the tax is 7 percent how much is the tax?
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40 percent tax of 5000 is what?

40% tax on 5,000 is 2,000

If you earn 5000 pounds a year how much tax will you pay?

if i earn £5000 a year what percentage of tax should i pay

How much tax do you pay on. 5000?

If its the first 5000 you make or the only 5000 you make you do not pay any tax on that amount as the first 6000 you make is taxfree.

How much tax do you pay if you earn 5000 a month?

How much tax do I pay if I earn 8000 a month

You receive an 18 percent discount on a purchase that would have normally cost 350.00 How much did you spend on the purchase before tax?


What is 7 percent sales tax on 5000 dollars?

cole camp, benton county, missouri

What is michgans tax percent?

it is a very fair amount of tax, 99.99% so you have .01 of a percent to spend. heaps good dont u rekon.

How much money would you have to spend to have 10 dollors in taxes?

If the sales tax rate is 10% percent the amount of sales tax would be $1 100 X .10 = 10

How much will you spend if it 14.99 plus tax?

It depends on the tax rate.

How do you compute tax on salary in Afghanistan?

In Afghanistan if your monthly salary is 5000 afs ($100) or less, you don't pay any income taxes. If it's more that 5000 afs you pay 2 percent in tax, if you earn more than 12,500 afs you pay 10 percent in tax, if you earn 100,000 afs, ($ 2000) and more, you pay 20 percent as income tax. But does everyone really pay his taxes?

How much money can you make tax free per year?


Sandra went to best buy and purchased a flat screen tv the tv costs 1464 she spent 117.12 on tax what percent did she spend on tax?

20 percent