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Q: If you swim 25m how many lengths would have been swam?
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How far would you swim if you swam 32 lengths of shipley baths?

you would have swam 875 meters if you did 32 lenths at shipley pool

How far have you swum in a 50 meter pool if you swim 25 lengths?

You would have swam 1,250 meters, which is not quite a mile.

How far have I swam in a 33.3 meter pool if you swim 40 lengths?

1332 Meters

If you swam 210 lengths and each length is 25 many meters did you swim?

210 times 25 meters=5,250 meters (or 5.25 kilometers)

Anna and she swam or Anna and her swam in the pool?

Anna and she swam in the pool. It is easy to remember when you can state the sentence as: Anna swam in the pool. She swam in the pool (not: Her swam in the pool), so combined they would be Anna and she swam in the pool.

How many syllables does swam have?

Swam is one syllable.

If you swam in Sydney what sea would you be in?

If you swam in Sydney, you would be swimming in the Tasman Sea.

How far have I swam in a 25 meter pool if I swim 72 lengths?

72 lengths x 25 meters = 1800 meters = 1.8 kilometers = about 1.12 miles

What is longest distance swam?

The longest distance swam in a swimming pool race is 1500metres 60 lengths in 25 metre pool or 30 in a 50 metre pool By Matthew Burton it is 10k if you are swimming in open water, which is, in fact, swam in the olympics. -Claire G.

If you swam in sydney what sea would be in?

would it be the Tasman?

How many people swam in Australian beaches last year?

i would guess about 70% of the population

If you swam thirtysix widths of an olympic swimming pool how many miles will you have swam?

1/2 mile

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