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About 638 mph

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Q: If you traveled 0.284 miles in 1.58 seconds how fast in mph would you be going?
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How fast would I be going if I traveled 100 meters in 30 seconds?

If you traveled 100 meters in 30 seconds, then you would be traveling at 3.333... meters per second, or 200 meters per minute, or 12 kilometers per hour (7.45 miles/hour).

One kilometer is equivalent to 0.621371 mile how many kilometers would you have traveled going 42 miles?

If you traveled 42 miles that would be the equivalent of traveling 26.097582 KM

What would be the time if 143 miles is traveled in a boat going 130 miles per hour?

66 minutes

How far would you travel going 3 miles for 2 seconds?

If you you travel 3 miles, you would get 3 miles far.

How fast would a balloon have to be going if it traveled 909 miles in 24 hours?

approximately 38 mph

How long would it take to drive 17 miles going 50 miles per hour?

1133 seconds

How long would it take you to travel 134 miles going 257 miles per an hour?

134/257 x 3600 seconds = 1877 seconds = 31minutes 17 seconds

If you drove 50 miles how many kilometers would you have traveled?

You would have traveled 80.4672 km.

What direction would you be going if you traveled from Limerick to Cork?

You would be going south.

In a journey of 15 miles distance was traveled with 40 mph how muvh time the journey takes?

15 miles would take 22 minutes 30 seconds at 40 mph.

How fast would a person be going if they traveled one half of a mile in 3 seconds?

Simply use the formula v = d/t, where v is the speed, d is the distance traveled and t is time. Plugging it into the formula, we get v = d/t = 0.5/3 ~ 1.67 miles/second.

How fast would a person be going if they traveled 625 miles in 48 hours?

speed 13 miles, 36 yards and 2 feet per hour

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