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It appears they are trying to help you with the 5 days part. READ the lease agreement for more info on when the lease is in DEFAULT.

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Q: If you turned in a lease vehicle and had one more payment but you can't pay at this time can they say its voluntary repossion in five days?
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Do rotors on a 2002 Honda accord have to be turned on the car?

No they can be turned off the vehicle.

How does a voluntary repossession affect your credit?

it's all the same whether you turned it in or they picked it up

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Will a loaner accept a vehicle back voluntary return the payments are not behind will this show up as a repossesion how do you work this outwill calling them to discuss this make it worse?

Any repossession will appear on a credit report, voluntary or not. Where it makes a difference is when the potential new lender calls the original lender and finds out the situation. Lenders don't like vehicles being turned in, but it's like paying taxes, even though it is not what is desired, it happens. Calling them won't necessarily make them mad but be ready for them to try to talk you into keeping the vehicle.

I paid in full for a vehicle and put someone else's name on the title. They took the vehicle and I have no access to it. What can I do?

You should realize they are the legal owner. There must have been a reason you could not register the vehicle in your own name. You voluntarily listed the vehicle as having another owner and they turned out to be untrustworthy. All you can do is sue them, tell your story to a judge and try to recoup the money you paid for the vehicle. You will need proof of payment and your success will depend upon your evidence and the judge's decision. Lawsuits of this type are extremely common.

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