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4.3 inches

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Q: If you use 1000 dollar bills and stack them what would be the measurement be of that pile of one thousand dollar bills?
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How tall is a stack of fifty thousand dollar bills?

Approximately 17.92 feet tall.

How thick is a stack of one million dollars in one thousand dollar bills?

Approximately 4.3 inches tall.

How tall is a stack of 1000000000 dollar bills?

A stack of 1,000,000,000 one-dollar bills would be about 358,333.33 feet tall or 67.87 miles high.

How much money in a stack of five dollar bills?

50 bills to a stack, so $5 *50 = 250

How tall is a stack of one dollar bills worth 17 million?

17 million one-dollar bills would stack to about 6,091.67 feet high.

How many 100 dollar bills in a 4 inch stack?

A 4-inch stack would contain 932 bills.

How many dollar bills in a stack one inch high?

A one-inch stack would contain about 233 bills.

Which is bigger 100 hundred dollar bills or 900 ten-dollar bills?

100 hundred dollar bills is more money. 900 ten-dollar bills is a bigger stack of paper.

How many dollar bills stack to make one inch?

You'd need about 233 one-dollar bills.

How many hundreds in a stack of hundred dollar bills?


How tall is a stack of 100 dollar bills?


How many twenty dollar bills in a stack?

We don't know. How big a stack? US bills are generally bundled in groups of 100.

How much money is a stack of 1 dollar bills?

A banded stack, like at the bank? $100.

How many dollar bills in a one inch stack?

US treasury states that 233 dollar bills equals a stack one inch thick.

What are the dimensions of a stack of one hundred dollar bills?

The answer depends on how big a stack. Also, a stack of mint bills tends to occupy less height than used ones.

How many dollar bills would you have to stack to reach the moon?

A lot.

How high is a stack of 2000 one hundred dollar bills?


How high is a stack of one million dollar bills?

Five feet

How much money in a stack of fifty dollar bills?


How many 20 dollar bills in a one inch stack?


How tall is a stack of 100 dollar bills in mm?

11mm tall.

How high would a stack of 195 hundred dollar bills be?

195 100-dollar bills would be 0.84 inches tall.

How much volume of 1 million dollar bill stack up?

100 dollar bills would stack 44 inch high

How tall would a stack of 1000 one dollar bills be?

According to the U.S. Treasury a dollar bill is .0043 inches thick. Therefore, a stack of 1,000 one dollar bills would be: 4.3 inches thick.

How high is a stack of 1 billion dollar bills?

mad high son