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Wood boxes are called what?

crates There are all kinds of wood boxes. There are wood jewely boxes, wood crates, wine crates, wooden shipping boxes, wooden cigar boxes and many more.

If you had to load 490 boxes into crates and each crate holds 7 boxes how many crates would you need?

70 Crates

What makes a crate different from a box?

Crates are stronger. Crates usually have holes or spaces in them, boxes should not. Also, crates are generally made of lumber, while boxes are typically cardboard or a weaker material.

How many crates or boxes did it take to haul the Statue Of Liberty to New York?

350 individual pieces packed in 214 crates

What things are a cube?

Dice, food boxes (like pop-tarts), crates, building blocks, bricks

Where is staircase switch in paper Mario the thousand year door?

Use flurry to blow the crates overUse your hammer to hit the other boxesThe staircase switch is in one of these boxes

What is fir wood used for?

Fir wood is usually light and soft but is sometimes used for interior finishing and for crates and boxes.

What are pallets made from?

Pallets are made of platforms that are specially designed to allow heavy crates and boxes to be easily moved by forklift.

The boxes containing numbers on the left are known as headings?


What psx game where you Pick-up boxes crates then bring them back to base then after collecting certain ammount of boxes you can get a cool weapons out of it anyone knows What is the game?

It's Team Buddies

What are some 5 letter words containing an x?

boxes foxes

What is the Jewish leather boxes containing holy parchments called?


What is a food containing high fructose corn syrup?

Candy and most juice boxes

Can poplar tree make paper?

Yes. The wood of poplars is relatively soft and hence is mostly used to make cardboard boxes, crates, paper, and veneer.

How strong is fir wood?

Fir wood is usually weaker than pine, but is strong all the same. It is usually used for crates or boxes, and is good for interior decorating.

How do you get clear gems in crash bandicoot riptos revenge?

To obtain the clear gems you must break all of the crates in the level. This also means TNT boxes so to break those jump on them and let them explode instead (do not stand near the box!). Nitro crates also cannot be broken however if you find the Green Nitro Switch (a green square with a yellow exclamation mark on it) hit this switch and this will explode all the Nitro crates in the level. You can press select at any time to see your progress on how many boxes you need to break.

What is the nmfc freight class for grease?

90890 is your NMFC Grease, NOI: Sub 1 In pails - CL 77.5 Sub 2 In boxes, crates or drums, CL 65

What did the patriots do in the Boston tea party?

At the Boston Tea party the patriots pored crates of tea into the Boston Harbor

In dwarf cannon on runescape where do you find lollk?

he is in the cave by fishing guild. you search boxes and crates down there until you find him. he is usually in the room with the beds but he could be anywhere down there.

How do you get a stone bowl in RuneScape?

Stone bowl is needed in the Elemental Workshop quest, If I remember rightly, to retrieve one you need to search the boxes and crates in the various rooms around the workshop.

What is at the end of the marine resort in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Just four boxes containing gummis and a warp tile.

Can you use unwieldy in a sentence?

The boxes were large and unwieldy so I asked for help loading the truck.

Where can one purchase Mon Cheri chocolate?

Amazon has many different kinds and shapes of Mon Cheri chocolates to choose from. Available are crates, heart shaped boxes and normal chocolate bars.

How many boxes did Lady Liberty come in?

The Statue of Liberty arrived from France in June of 1885. This massive work of art was packaged into 214 crates and re-assembled in a span of four months.

How is the food in Rice University?

I believe the boxes containing the dining halls meat shipments say it best - Grade D But Edible.