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59 Boxes

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Q: Eggs are packed in boxes of 6 how many boxes are needed for 350 eggs?
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Eggs are packed in boxed in packs of 6 they collect 272 how many boxes can he fill?


There are 15 eggs in a tray Three eggs are removed from tray If a box holds 16 trays how many eggs are there in 20 boxes?

4,707 eggs

Eggs are placed in boxs of six how many boxes are needed if there are ninety two eggs?

6 times 92 =552 got it ask lots of questions like thet

There are 5 brown eggs and 1 white you have 5 boxes of eggs How many of each colour of egg will you have?

50 brown eggs 10 white eggs (5 brown eggs x 2 sets per dozen) x (5 boxes) = 50 brown eggs (1 white egg x 2 sets per dozen) x (5 boxes) = 10 white eggs

How many eggs do you need to make 96 cupakes?

It takes four boxes, which is 48 eggs.

Are roosters needed for hens to lay eggs?

No, they are not. But they are needed for hens to lay fertilized eggs.

What do special boxes provide eggs with?

Some protection

How many boxes of a dozen of eggs do you need to make breakfast for 16 people?

16 eggs! :D

How many eggs are needed to makea cake using the chocalate cake recipe?

Two eggs are needed

How many boxes will you need if you need 32 eggs if each box holds 6 eggs?


What are caged eggs?

Caged eggs are laid by hens that are kept in tightly packed cages and not allowed to roam free. Most commercially sold eggs in the United States are caged eggs unless labeled otherwise on their packaging.

How many eggs equal a pound in a pound cake?

Well many eggs are needed It depends what eggs they are If they are chicken eggs then you will need more than if they were goose eggs So that's your answer xD

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