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If you were sixteen what year would you be born

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People turning sixteen in 2015 were born in 1999.

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In what year was a sixteen year old person born in?


In what year do you have to be born to drive at age sixteen?

You have to have been born in 1990.

Would sixteen year old boys be hyphenated?

Yes, it should be hyphenated like so: sixteen-year-old boys.

How old are you if your birthday is 28.2.95?

You would be sixteen this year.

What year where you born in if you are sixteen?

1992 or 3 depending on your birthday

What should you get a sixteen year old boy for Christmas?

I would get a sixteen year old boy a new car all blue or black.

How old is renessmee?

Renesmee was born, but she aged so fast every day that her body would be that of a sixteen-year-old by the time a year was used up.

How would you make a sixteen year old like you if your twelve?

honestly a sixteen year old wouldn't like a 12 year old. that would make him a mild pedophile. get someone in the 12-13 range :)

Is it sixteen year old or sixteen year old?


Would nick go out with a sixteen year old girl?

Yes he would if she is hot or not

Is it OK for a sixteen year old boy and a twelve year old girl to kiss on the lips?

No the age is too far apart and why would a sixteen year old be messin with a twelve year old.Be careful

When was Earl Sixteen born?

Earl Sixteen was born in 1958.

Can you be 15 if you were bron in 1993?

No, you would be sixteen. If you were born in 1994 then yes, you would be fifthteen.

How old would you be if you were born in 1996 and it is now 2012?

You would be sixteen years old.

Is it good for a thirteen year old to go out with a sixteen year old?

Only if the parents would approve of it.

Can a thirteen year old go out with a sixteen year old?

Not a good idea. There are no laws about dating ages, there are laws about sexual contact. And there is only one reason a 16 year old would go out with a 13 year old, and that would be breaking the laws. Not true. A sixteen year old could be going out with the thirtten year old because they love them. Not all sixteen years old are like that ^^

Can a sixteen year old get a job while on disability?

They would not be disabled if they can get a job.

Can a sixteen year old move out at sixteen in Kentucky?

No, a sixteen year old can not legally move out on their own in Kentucky. Unless the sixteen year old is married or has parental permission they have to live with the parent until they are 18.

How do you spell sixteen year old child with hyphens?

Most people would spell it sixteen-year-old child. But over the last 20 years, people are ignoring the hyphens.

What are the emancipation laws for a pregnant sixteen year olds?

They are the same for any other sixteen year old. Most states will allow sixteen year olds to request emancipation.

What happens if a twelve year old girl went with a sixteen year old boy?

The boy would be arrested

What does a sixteen year old boy want for his birthday from his girlfriend?

a sixteen year old boy would want something like a calender of his girlfriend some sexy pictures and some candy.

Who would be the best saint for a sixteen year old girl?

St. Joan of Arc.

When your sixteen what year are you in in high school?

Well you will be in 5th year. Year 11. So the last year, or depending on the month you were born you could of left school.

Would it be alexis' sweet sixteen or alexis's sweet sixteen?

I would go with "Alexis's sweet sixteen"