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2.34 grams

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Q: If you were to round off the measurement 2.33501 grams to three digits you would get?
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What is the answer to Round off 2.33501 grams to three digits?

2.34 grams

How would you round 2.44501 grams to three digits?


How many grams are in 22 lbs?

Approximately 9,980, but that should probably round to 10,000 if you use 2 significant digits.

What is the syntax for the ROUND function in MS Excel?

=ROUND(Number, Number of Digits) Number is the number you are trying to round. Number of Digits is the amount of digits you want to round it to. So for example: =ROUND(41.98662,3) That will give you 41.987 as the answer.

How do you round off 12.4263?

It depends on the number of digits accuracy required. Round off to: 3 digits: 12.426 2 digits: 12.43 1 digit: 12.4 Round number: 12

Do you round single digits?

If necessary.

When you round a number what should you do with the digits to the right of the place you are rounding to?

After determining whether to round up or down, the digits, to the right of the place, are discarded.

How do you round 0.4 into two digits?


How do you round 708 to nearest digits?

It is 708.

How do you round to nearest 100?

if the last two digits are lesser than 50 (e.g. 8634), you round down by making the last two digits 0 (in this case, 8600).If the last two digits are greater than 50 (e.g. 8662), you round up by adding 1 to the hundreds and making the last two digits 0 (in this case, 8700).If the last two digits are exactly 50, you can round up or down, your choice.

What is the sum of 2.7g and 2.47g exspressed in the correct number of significant digits?

5.2g When you add or subtract using significant figures, you round the answer to the fewest number of decimal places as the measurement with the fewest decimal places.

How do you round 0.683?

The answer depends on how many digits you wish to round to.