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The total is 4 times 40 = 160 minutes which is 2 hours and 40 minutes

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Q: If your gym music art and math classes are 40 min each what is total number of hours and min?
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What is the total number of minutes of the three classes in 50 minutes?

It is 150 minutes.

How do you calculate sales per standard hour?

Total number of sales divided by total number of hours.

What is the total number of hours if you work from 333 Am to 222 Pm?

10 hours and 49 minutes.

How do you calculate man hours for a 3 months period and the number of workers varies from 4 sometime to 20 within the same three months?

Make a chart, and for each worker, write down the total number of hours that he or she worked in the three months. Then add up all of those numbers to get the total number of man-hours during the three months. For example: Worker's name Total hours worked Jose 320 hours Jese 400 hours Joan 500 hours Jill 200 hours Jackie 415 hours Jodie 90 hours Jupiter 282 hours Total man hours 2207 hours Obviously, this is a simplified example; since you had up to 20 workers, but just expand on this idea up to the number of workers that you had.

What does a 3.8 average in college mean?

On a 4.0 scale, that is good. A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. If you are taking 5 classes, all weighted the same, then 4 A's and 1 B is (4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 3)/5 = 3.8 If they are not all the same number of credits, then you must multiply each grade number(0.0, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) by the number of credit hours for that class. Then add them up and divide by total number of credit hours that you took. Suppose you had 4 courses, which are 3-hour, and 1 lab which is 1-hour credit. So you have 13 credit hours total. If you got an B in one of the 3-hour classes, and A's in everything else (including the lab), then you have: 4.0 * 3 (for the 3-hour classes) = 12.0 each of those classes * 3 classes = 36.0 3.0 * 3 (for the class you got a B) = 9.0 4.0 * 1 (for the lab you got an A) = 4.0; Add them up 36+9+4 = 49.0, then divide by 13 = 3.77

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How many security guard classes do I need to become a securty guard?

You need a total of 100 hours of traning and classes to become a securty guard.

What is the total number of hours is 12 hours plus 5 hours?


What is the total number of minutes of the three classes in 50 minutes?

It is 150 minutes.

What is the GPA for 93.722 average?

It usually depends on the grading scale at your school. At my school, the GPA of a 93 average would be a 4.0. Here is a sample scale: (These are for normal classes) 4.3=A+ 4.0=A 3.5=B+ 3.0=B 2.5=C+ 2.0=C And so forth (These are for honors classes) 4.8=A+ 4.5=A 4.0=B+ 3.5=B 3.0=C+ 2.5=C And so forth Hope I could help!

How do you calculate Accident Frequency?

Total number of accidents multiplied by one million and divided for total worked hours. AF= (Number of accidents * 1x10^6)/Worked Hours Total number of accidents - Accidents that had result in absence to work. That had originated lost days. Total worked hours - Number of worked hours done by all employees in that period. Incluing extra hours of work, excluding holidays, etc.

How do you calculate sales per standard hour?

Total number of sales divided by total number of hours.

How do you calculate total safe man hours?

Safe man hours is the number of hours worked minus the number of hours lost due to unsafe work or lost work due to an incident. This should get you the answer to total safe man hours.

Is there a cap on the total maximum hours students should be required to attend classes in high school?

it depends on the state

do you have cna course, how many weeks is the course and how much would it cost?

Typical CNA classes cost around 300 dollars and classes are a total of 90 hours in length.

How many hours are there in8 days?

There are twenty four (24) hours in a day. To get the number of hours in eight days, multiply the number of hours in a day by the total number of days; 24 * 8 = 192 hours.

What is the total number of hours legal for a nurse to work?


What is your GPA when you have 6 A's and 1 B?

If your school uses a standard 4.0 scale, your GPA would be 3.86. To calculate your GPA, you have to know that an A is 4 points, a B is 3, a C is 2, a D is 1, and an F is 0. You then have to add up all of your points and divide by the number of classes to get your GPA. Keep in mind that GPAs are usually cumulative, so next semester or next year you'll need to add all of your classes from previous semesters and years for a cumulative GPA.