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31 years x 365 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes = 16,293,600 minutes old

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Q: If your thirty one years old how many minutes old are you?
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If you are 55 years old how many minutes old are you?

28,927,182.13 minutes old.

How many minutes old are you if you're 10 years old?

5259484.8 minutes

How many minutes old is someone who is 80 years old?

403200000 minutes

How many minutes are you if your 13 years old?

6,832,800 minutes

Is you are 13 years old how many minutes is that?

378432000 minutes

If you are eleven years old how many minutes old are you?

according to my calculations 525,600 minutes

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Yes Yes Yes, the president MUST be thirty five years old or he/ she cannot be president.

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he is thirty years old

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Thirty years old

How do you say thirtynine years old in spanish?

To say that someone is thirty nine years old, you would say "[tener] treinta y nueve años" Tengo treinta y nueve años. I am thirty nine years old. Tienes treinta y nueve años. You are thirty nine years old. Él/ella/usted tiene treinta y nueve años. He/she/you (formal) are thirty nine years old.

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