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Q: Im 13 5"11 150 Pounds and run a 4.74?
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How many pounds of vegetables do you need for 150 people?

60 pounds will ensure that there is a six ounce portion for each person with leftovers. If catering and it is imperative that you do not run out, 75 pounds would be advisable.

Is 150 pounds overweight for a 10-year-old boy?

150 pounds is extremely overweight for a 10 year old boy unless he is a fantastic athlete capable of lifting 220 pounds or 100 kilograms. Does he run several miles each day? Extremely few, in fact fewer that one in 1,000 boys who are 150 pounds are that heavy because they are fantastic athletes. Most have too much fat and will die of a heart attack long before they reach the end of their normal life expectancy.

How long does it take an athlete to run 150 meters?

The speed at which an athlete can run 150 meters is highly dependant on the level of training of the athlete. The world record for the 150 meter run is 14.35 seconds and is held by Usain Bolt.

What is the main size of a cheetah?

The main size of an adult male cheetah can be as much as 150 pounds. The animal can run at up to about 70 miles per hour when hunting.

What is torque specifications for 350 5.7 91 motor.for the head bolts?

first run through 25 foot pounds,second run through 45 foot pounds, last run through 65 foot pounds

How do you loose 3 pounds in 1 week?

run fatty run!

How fast does a leopard run?

55mph 150 yards

How much time do you have to run in a night to loose 5 pounds?

You should not try to lose 5 pounds in one night, it would not be safe. How much you have to run in order to lose 5 pounds depends on how you run and what you eat, check in with your doctor to find out what she recommends.

What position should you play in football as a freshman in high school and are 5'11 and 150 pounds bench press 200 and squat 250 and you run a 4.86 40 yard dash?

WR/TE...maybe QB

How many miles do you have to run to lose 10 pounds?

well, since you have to burn 3000 calories to lose 1 lb of fat, you have to calculate how many calories you burn per mile. On average, it is around 150 calories.

What is a triple run worth in double deck pinochle?

the answer is 165. 150 for the double run an d 15 for the additional

What is the average monthly electricity bill for people in Mississippi?

About $60 to $150 depending on what you run... If you run A/C all year round you will probably be looking at about $175 with lights and all. About $60 to $150 depending on what you run... If you run A/C all year round you will probably be looking at about $175 with lights and all.

Is it true that if you run into a wall you lose 150 calories?

No, what you will lose is conciousness.

If you run a mile every day of the week how many pounds will you lose?

It depends on how you run. If you run at a fast and moving pace, you might lose 3 pounds or more.

What are the chances of oil and gas to run out of Qatar?

For next 150 years I guess

How long could a recycled glass bottle run a computer for?

150 years

Can you run a 150 motor on a boat rated for 115 HP?

Not safely or legally.

How much does it cost to run a 150 watt halogen bulb?

$40.00 a year

How heavy is a typical laundry dryer?

Most residential dryers run off a 30A 240V outlet. Indiviually their power ratings will vary, but they shouldn't draw more than 5.7kW. The typical dryer weighs something over 100 pounds to something under 150 pounds. Kind of a big window, but without specifics....

How expensive is it to run camden market?

5.5 million pounds

What is the average size of a carp?

Most carp run between ten and twenty pounds as adults, but can exceed fifty pounds.

How many calories burned in a 2 km run?

Around 150 depending on your weight

What is a good 40 yard dash for 14 year old I am 5'10 150 pounds and in 8th grade I run a 4.85 now How good bad is that?

A good 40 yard dash for a 14 year old would be playing DE, TE,or FB.

Where can you find a rabbit run for under 20 pounds?


Why do you have overdrive in 2004 f 150?

The overdrive allows the engine to run at a lower RPM on the highway It saves gas , the transmission will run cooler etc.